New flexible season ticket offers five days unlimited travel on Stagecoach Greater Manchester buses for the price of four days travel

Over the lockdown period, working from home has become the norm for white collar workers. Some of which have previously paid for seven-day, 14-day, monthly and annual season tickets for local buses, trams and trains. For some people, spending two days in the office and three days working from home has taken over from doing five daily commutes. Owing to this trend, the days of ‘traditional’ season tickets are numbered.

To bridge the gap, and maintain passenger loyalty, some operators have introduced flexible season tickets or Carnet style tickets. The latest operator to follow this trend is Stagecoach Greater Manchester.

The Flexi Day 5 ticket is a flexible season ticket which offers five days travel for the price of four day Day Rider tickets. Each part of the five-part ticket offers a day’s unlimited travel on Stagecoach Greater Manchester’s buses. If you bought five Day Rider tickets, the cost would set you back £25.00. The Flexi Day 5 ticket will cost you £20.00. Each Flexi Day 5 ticket is valid for use within 30 days.

Stagecoach Greater Manchester’s pass has more in common with the flexi-pass options offered by rail rover tickets across the UK. At £4.00 a day, it comfortably covers two middle distance return journeys like Moston to Manchester, as well as Tennyson Avenue to Piccadilly Gardens. Unlike the Carnet options issued by other operators, you are not penalised for changing buses en route to your workplace. If you travel from Newton to Bredbury on the 346 and 330 routes, that’s a £1.00 per bus, covering outward and return journeys.

It is hoped that Stagecoach’s new ticket would get casual passengers back on the buses. Even more so as most parts of the UK have gradually reopened for business. During the pandemic, Stagecoach has been providing a vital service throughout the pandemic and has taken extensive measures to ensure customers are safe on its services. 

These include rigorous cleaning regimes to ensure all touch points are disinfected regularly, whilst face coverings are mandatory, unless for those that are exempt, on all services, as per government guidance. Another development includes the new Busy Bus Indicator on Stagecoach’s Bus App. This gives passengers an easy-to-follow guide on the best times to travel and to plan their journeys to avoid busier times. The indicator uses colour indicators on the buses on a live map view, which shows how busy certain bus services could be at any one time. 

Elisabeth Tasker, Stagecoach Greater Manchester managing director, said: “We’ve been listening to our customers closely and, it is clear, that as we move out of the pandemic there is a need for increased flexibility for both commuters and leisure customers.

“As a result, we have introduced the Flexi Day 5 ticket to give local people the transport option they need and to ensure they can travel around the region in confidence as we look to return to normality.”

You can be purchase the Flexi Day 5 on the Stagecoach Bus App using PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay, and the ticket can be downloaded onto your smartphone. Once the ticket is activated, you can use all five tickets over a 30-day period. For further information, go to the Stagecoach website.

An EM60 Presentation, 19 August 2020.

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