Clipper ticket resurrects spirit of the Clippercard on Metrolink trams

The Clippercard is dead… long live the Clippercard! Well, that’s how we may have reported on the self-cancelling ticket’s demise if East of the M60 was around in 2004. Years after the original ticket’s demise, Greater Manchester Transport’s ten-trips-for-the-price-of-nine tickets still carry fond memories. You might have travelled with a Clippercard by fair means (with a black plastic wallet) or foul (by boarding and passing the card on to your friend).

From the 15 June (this coming Monday), there will be a new version of the Clippercard for tram users. Known as the Clipper, this modern-day take on the ten-trips-for-the-price-of-nine card ticket will be available for use on smartphones and smart cards. Clippers will be topped up in the same way as most Metrolink season tickets: either online or at tram stops.

Like Greater Manchester Transport’s iconic ticket of old, its aim is to give cheaper travel for more sporadic users. For example, passengers that only travel three days a week instead of daily. Or passengers that travel daily on their outward journeys, though get a lift back home.

Further changes

The Clipper ticket isn’t the only change to affect Metrolink passengers. From this coming Monday, single fares will no longer be available on the Metrolink app. Therefore, passengers wishing to buy a single ticket would have to go to the machine at their tram stop.

In addition to the launch of Metrolink’s new ticket, frequencies will be increased from every 12 minutes to every 10 minutes. To ensure social distancing, there will be double trams.

Safely Reopening GM

The changes to the Metrolink system forms part of a bigger vision known as Safely Reopening GM. Transport for Greater Manchester’s role in boosting the City Region’s economy is based on three tenets: staying safe at work; staying safe on the journey to and from work; and a safer public realm. At key bus stops and at TfGM’s principal bus stations, hand sanitiser dispensers and face masks will be available for passengers.

This ensures that all bus, train and tram passengers will be able to reach their desired destination safely. As we have stated in previous posts, the use of contactless card payments or smartphones is encouraged. Similarly, many of Greater Manchester’s bus operators will be raising service levels to at least 80% of pre-pandemic frequencies.

Before I go…

Will you be looking to purchase the Clipper ticket on Monday? Feel free to comment. For further information on the original Clippercard ticket which inspired today’s all-singing-and-all-dancing 21st century version, you might like our earlier article from 2010.

S.V., 10 June 2020.

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