No change given policy for cash fares on Stagecoach Greater Manchester buses from 04 May

Stagecoach Greater Manchester has today updated its guidance to customers on fare payment methods on its services while the current special bus network arrangements are in place. In addition to asking customers to use contactless, mobile or pre-payment methods, an exact fare system will be in place for passengers who can only pay by cash.

Under the new temporary arrangement, any additional cash received as a result of not giving change will be donated to the NHS Charities Together Appeal, which supports NHS staff and workers.

Therefore, Stagecoach Greater Manchester passengers will be encouraged to use Google Pay, Apple Pay or contactless cards instead of cash. Or their usual ENCTS Concessionary Passes and season tickets.

Exact fare systems have been in use by some bus operators in different parts of the country for many years. For example in the West Midlands during the Wumptee era; also on Nottingham City Transport buses.

In Greater Manchester, exact fare systems were few and far between. During the late 1960s, Manchester City Transport’s Minimax system was introduced on One Person Operated vehicles with fare boxes. Ashton Corporation’s 1 and 3 routes (now today’s 336 and 337 Hartshead Circular routes) had exact fare boxes in 1968. The boxes, made in-house, were transparent, costing substantially less than the established Johnson Fare Box design.

When Greater Manchester Transport launched its Centreline route from Piccadilly to Victoria, there was an exact fare of two new pence (yes, 2p). Lancashire United Transport flirted with exact fares by means of the Videmat system. Printing a facsimile image of your coins, this was open to abuse. Sometimes, bottle tops were placed in the vending machine instead of coins – which South Yorkshire PTE noticed in Sheffield.

Elisabeth Tasker, Managing Director for Stagecoach Manchester said: “We would like to thank our customers for their help in keeping our drivers and their fellow passengers safe at the current time.

“Although the majority of customers are now using contactless and other digital forms of payment, many key workers still rely on cash to pay for their journey.

“Along with the other steps we are taking in line with government and public health guidance, this additional exact fare measure will mean everyone who needs to travel can do so and stay safe.

“We are very proud of the incredible job all key workers, including our own drivers and support teams, are doing as part of the national effort.”

An EM60 Presentation, 29 April 2020.

2 thoughts on “Stagecoach to Introduce Exact Fares Only Policy

  1. Hi Stuart, having been to West Midlands quite a number of times in the past, I can say that National Express West Midlands are still on Exact Fare Scheme on all their buses both old and new, you put your money in slot near the ticket machine and a ticket comes out from a machine behind the driver.

    Also despite being owned by Rotala, Preston Bus are still on Exact Fare on all their local services the only services that give change are the tendered services that they operate

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  2. Lothian in Edinburgh has been using this scheme for years, heartbreaking news when you require a £1.50 fare but have nothing smaller than a fiver in your pocket.

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