Peak hour restrictions lifted on buses and trams

If you know somebody with a concessionary pass, or have one yourself, Transport for Greater Manchester has lifted AM peak restrictions on buses and trams.

Normally, holders of Senior Citizens’ concessionary passes have to pay full before 9.30 am. Disabled people with the standard Concessionary Pass would usually pay half fare before then. There is no change for passengers with Concessionary Plus passes, which have no peak hour restrictions for travel in Greater Manchester.

With supermarket chains opening their doors only to senior citizens and disabled people in the first hour, the extra expense in bus fares may have put bus users off a morning trip.

On the Transport for Greater Manchester website, the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham said, “We encourage everybody to keep travel on public transport to a minimum and to only make essential journeys.

“That said, we recognise that some older and disabled people, who are not yet self-isolated, may need to travel earlier than usual to get to the shops or to attend a medical appointment. For that reason, we have decided to lift these restrictions to help older and disabled people get the essential supplies and support they need.”

The former Health Minister and Member of Parliament for Leigh also thanked Transport for Greater Manchester and the City Region’s operators for their cooperation. He also stated that you should only travel when necessary and (if possible) try not to travel in the peak hours.

As Britain is in the delay stage of containing Coronavirus, HM Government has advised against making unnecessary journeys. With this in mind, bus, train and tram routes across the UK have been revised to reflect reduced patronage.

Further to our previous post, Stagecoach Greater Manchester’s special service will see no change to evening journeys, whether tendered or commercially operated services. In many cases, there is no discernible difference on standard weekday frequencies. A Summer School Holiday style timetable may be in operation due to reduced road traffic.

S.V., 19 March 2020.

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