East of the M60‘s exclusive infographic on how bus franchising could take shape in Greater Manchester

At this time of writing, we only have four days left of 2019. For the people of Greater Manchester, there is less than a fortnight to go till we hit the deadline for GMCA’s Bus Franchising Consultation.

Outside London, the United Kingdom is pretty much alone in having a deregulated bus network. Bus franchising or publicly owned buses is the norm around the world. In the USA as well as the former Soviet Union republics, EU Member States and Asia.

By the end of March 2020, Greater Manchester could ‘Get Deregulation Dumped’ if a franchised network is chosen. In 2024, there could be a fully franchised bus network in the City Region with a standard livery and vastly improved ticketing. The emphasis would be on cooperation instead of competition. Also a fairer marketplace for the likes of Vision Bus and Stott’s Tours, instead of a hegemony with the likes of First, Rotala, Stagecoach and Go-Ahead.

I have spoken at length to my friends, family, and a few long-suffering passengers about the franchising process. Though it is easy among fellow bus fanatics like yours truly, telling casual bus users isn’t quite as straightforward. Identifying this need, I created an infographic, inspired by coving advertisements seen on Greater Manchester Transport, GM Buses and SELNEC vehicles.

Please note that the file size of this infographic is huge. If you click on the thumbnail image, this should take you to the infographic in full. (If I skimped on the resolution, the text would lose some legibility). At 2,480 pixels width, this is equivalent to an A4 sheet of paper at 300 dots per inch.

All you need to do is:

  1. Click on the thumbnail image below: this should give you the infographic in full.
  2. On your PC, tablet or smartphone, save the infographic onto your device and show your friends.
  3. Share on your website, so long as you give accreditation to either East of the M60 or Stuart Vallantine. Or both, possibly with “created by Stuart Vallantine, the genius behind East of the M60” if you prefer.
Bus Franchising Infographic bumper

If you have enjoyed the infographic, feel free to share this widely – at least until the 08 January 2020.

S.V., 27 December 2019.

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