Another Brass Band Advent Calendar: 20. Valero

A lively piece by James Swearingen with jazz leanings

  • Piece: Valero;
  • Composer: James Swearingen.

If Sean Connery as James Bond had a sideline in musical composition, there’s every chance it would sound like James Swearingen’s piece.

Valero is a jaunty number that sounds and feels like the theme tune of a secret agent film. Or ‘Music To Send Mid-Price Chocolate Boxes By’ due to its Mancini style leanings.

Its composer, James Swearingen, is one of several in-house composers for Capital University. He is also a staff arranger for Ohio State University’s Marching Band. (As we couldn’t find any decent pictures of a Valero other than petrol stations – or a bottle of Volari wine – our background image is that of Derby Hall at Swearingen’s place of employment).

If you went to the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain Finals in Cheltenham (First to Fourth Section bands), they used Valero as incidental music for each section’s results. Using state-of-the-art Apple iMac computers, this worked well with the on-screen graphics.

Tomorrow’s piece could be an end result of overindulging on the Cadbury’s Milk Tray. We cannot wait to see what’s behind the door.

Today’s concerts

Friezland Band

Christmas Concert, Friezland Church Hall, Oaklands Road, Friezland

Let Max Stannard and Co. give you a fantastic Christmas concert at Friezland Church Hall. The concert begins at 7.30pm, though it may be best to arrive about half an hour beforehand to be sure of a seat.

Friezland Church Hall, Oaklands Road, Friezland, West Riding of Yorkshire, OL3 7LG.

Littleborough Training Band

Christmas Concert and Prize Giving Party, Littleborough Cricket Club

Let Littleborough Training Band put you in a Christmassy mood in the comfortable surroundings of Littleborough Cricket Club. For its players, tonight will be a special night. The concert begins at 7.00pm, followed by the band’s prize giving ceremony. If you haven’t yet got your tickets (priced £5.00), give them a message on their Facebook page.

Littleborough Cricket Club, Denhurst Road, Littleborough, Lancashire, OL15 9LD.

S.V., 20 December 2019.

Derby Hall image by Kevin Payravi (Creative Commons License: Attribution ShareAlike 4.0).

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