Ernesto Lecuona’s dazzling piece

  • Piece: Malaguena;
  • Composer and Arranger: Ernesto Lecuona.

With the cold and damp weather, heating bills are the only thing that are likely to go up. In the vain hope of keeping costs down, we could either wear jumpers or put on a brass band piece that gets us thinking of heatwaves.

There is one piece which fits that bill: Ernesto Lecuona’s Malagueña. Composed by Ernesto Lecuona in 1933, it has been transcribed in many forms and began life as the sixth movement of Suite Andalucia.

This arrangement, performed by the Yorkshire Imperial Metals Band, is set to traditional brass band style. There are other arrangements that have a more Cuban air than this one in today’s clip. Nevertheless, a good one in spite of its more reserved air.

As for the Havana street scene behind our door, this is pretty obvious due to the piece’s Cuban roots. Behind tomorrow’s door will be a legendary test piece. Hold on tight, please…

Today’s concerts

The Diggle Band

A Traditional Christmas Concert, Diggle Band Club, Bankfield House, Diggle

Tonight sees The Diggle Band’s Christmas concert at the Diggle Band Club. If you haven’t booked your tickets from the Band Club or Diggle Post Office, you can pay your £7.00 admission fee on the door. What’s more, your seven quid includes supper as well as two hours worth of brass band music.

The concert begins at 7.30pm. Please arrive as soon as possible to get a good seat. If you are getting to the venue by bus, Nexus Move’s 356 Saddleworth Rambler route stops on Huddersfield Road, a short walk away from Diggle Band Club.

Diggle Band Club, Bankfield House, Huddersfield Road, Diggle, West Riding of Yorkshire, OL3 5PJ.

S.V., 17 December 2019.

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