One of the greatest ever test pieces known to man?

  • Piece: Resurgam;
  • Composer and Arranger: Eric Ball.

Anyone with a GCSE level knowledge of brass banding should have at least one iconic test piece on their playlist. Percy Fletcher’s Labour and Love is one. The other one, approaching its seventieth birthday is this classic by Eric Ball.

Resurgam was first used in the 1950 British Open at King’s Hall, Belle Vue. The contest was won by Fairey Aviation band that year. At Boarshurst Band Club (and via their live streaming service), the present-day Fairey Band wowed audiences with a truly splendid performance. In our review, we said how the piece had a special place in their heart.

Resurgam is Latin for ‘I Shall Rise Again’, with resurrection, landscape, and the aforementioned words punctuating the tone poem. Our clip is The Cory Band’s performance. If anybody could help me with the date of this performance, I shall be most grateful.

As for the significance of the audio cassette in our Advent Calendar, the reasons are twofold. Firstly, before we had digital music and devices like Alexa, we used to tape Listen To The Band on cassettes. Secondly, if you go to Tony Villa’s Cassette Comeback channel on YouTube, you will find that the humble audio tape will be the next vinyl. Hopefully, the age of the C90 will rise again.

Tomorrow’s piece is the last one before our imaginary interval. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Forthcoming concerts

Uppermill Band

A Musical Christmas Celebration, St. Paul’s Church, Royton, 16 December 2019

Continuing Uppermill Band‘s busy Christmas schedule, this year’s Third Section Champions will warmly invite you to A Musical Christmas Celebration on the 13 December 2019. Also in attendance that night will be St. Paul’s School Choir, directed by Hilary Henderson. Admission is £5.00 (or £3.00 for concessions) including refreshments, with the concert starting at 7.00 pm.

Tickets are available from St. Paul’s School on 0161 624 9019 or from Uppermill Band on 0161 652 7304.

St. Paul’s Church, Church Street, Royton, Lancashire, OL3 7HY.

Buses: 181, 182, 408, 409 (alight at Oldham Road stop near The Railway; then walk towards Middleton Road and Chapel Croft) and 412 (alight at Middleton Road stop after Lidl; walk along Chapel Croft).

S.V., 11 December 2019.

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