One of George Allan’s best loved marches

  • Piece: The Wizard;
  • Composer: George Allan.

After Knight Templar, The Wizard is one of George Allan’s best known marches. For any band on Whit Friday, it offers a most formidable challenge, hence its popularity with Championship Section and First Section bands as a contest march.

Played well, it is a march with oodles of colour, and as much body as a mug of Assam tea. As for today’s background, this is obviously the Hogwarts Express at the National Railway Museum in York. Which appears in the stories of some famous wizard bloke called Harry Potter.

Why the significance of the train and its location? Its composer, George Allan, used to paint wagons at Shildon Works. Which was part of the original LNER headquartered in York. Also, it is worth noting that Boarshurst Band Club’s next concert will be featuring a Youth Band from York (the Shepherd Group Youth Band).

Tomorrow’s piece will be a bona fide concert classic, though light concert music in name only. All will be revealed some time at stupid o’clock, on St. Nicholas Day.

S.V., 04 December 2019.

Image photographed by Mikey, 2013 (Creative Commons License 2.0: Generic Attribution).

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