East of the M60 Presents… Another Brass Band Advent Calendar

A preview of this year’s East of the M60 Advent Calendar

Dear Readers, following the success of last year’s advent calendar, we have decided to stick to the same theme. Before you could say Mephistopheles after a few mulled wines, never mind spell it, it gives us great pleasure to stick with brass bands.

For the average person on the street, brass band music means Christmas. Even in this far from average run-up to Christmas, thanks to the small matter of a General Election in a fortnight’s time. For brass band players, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is a certainty alongside death and taxes.

As with last year’s Advent Calendar, each Advent Calendar ‘door’ opens up to reveal a brass band piece. In the days leading up to Christmas (plus Christmas Day and Boxing Day if you clap loud enough!), the calendar as a whole will resemble a super-sized concert programme. Complete with concert openers, overtures, brass banding cheese, and a few stunning solo works.

Within each door will be a YouTube clip with our featured piece and a little bit of text about, say Eric Ball’s Resurgam or some cheese like Ted Huggins’ Chorale and Rock Out.

With this year’s edition, there will also be details of brass band concerts in our locality. Which is from Littleborough to Stockport via Saddleworth, Stalybridge and Glossop. There may be one or two in Central Manchester you may consider attending.

If you enjoyed last year’s calendar, we hope this year’s celebration of Christmas will be a talking point in band clubs, concert venues, or many a living room. For your maximum enjoyment, headphones or good speakers are desirable though not essential.

We cannot wait to see what our first door shall reveal on the 01 December. On with the show…

S.V., 28 November 2019.

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