South Pennine Community Transport and MCT Travel service changes

Since our earlier look at Tameside’s Bus Service Changes, three more changes were announced.

Firstly, South Pennine Community Transport has made some changes to their Holmfirth routes. In Ashton-under-Lyne, the Tuesdays Only X50 to Holmfirth will be renumbered as 357. Instead of being a limited stop service, it will observe bus stops along the way, with the route unchanged. With most of Saddleworth’s bus routes being numbered from 350 to 359, this is a logical step.

South Pennine CT’s first journeys on the 357 route will commence on the 03 September. Starting the following day will be a new Wednesdays Only route from Oldham to Holmfirth. The 359 will follow the 180 and 184 routes between Oldham and Greenfield. Its Oldham terminus will be Yorkshire Street, close to the taxi rank near NatWest Bank. Again, this will observe all stops.

On the 351 route from Glossop to Holmfirth, its Saturday journeys from Glossop will depart five minutes earlier than under the previous timetable. This wont be the only route within Tameside and Glossop to see timing changes. MCT Travel’s 41 route has previously had slightly different times on Sunday and Bank Holiday journeys to those on weekdays and Saturdays.

In a more user-friendly move, most 41s will leave Ashton at 25 past the hour. On weekdays, 0717, 0817, then 25 past the hour from 0925 to 2225, with the last journey departing at 2330. On Saturdays, 25 past the hour from 0825 to 2225, again with the last bus at 2330.

On Sundays and Bank Holidays, an extra journey has been added. The first 41 will depart at 1025 instead of 1125, with buses 25 minutes past the hour till 2125. The last two journeys will depart at 2230 and 2330.

With the changes to the 389 in our earlier post, evening journeys will depart from Ashton-under-Lyne bus station at 20 minutes past the hour. On its way to Yew Tree, 21 minutes to the hour from Stalybridge [Armentieres Square]. Then four minutes to the hour on its return journey to Ashton.

Sunday and Bank Holiday journeys are 20 minutes past the hour from 0920 to 2230. From Stalybridge [Armentieres Square], 21 minutes to the hour to Yew Tree Estate (0839 to 2239). Then four minutes to the hour from 0856 to 2256.

389 connection conundrums

Personally, I wish the Hyde link of the 389 route was retained. Should you need to go to Hyde without having to change at Ashton-under-Lyne, we at East of the M60 have looked at the alternatives. If you live on Yew Tree Estate and unable to walk to the 346 bus stop, this doesn’t make for good reading.

From Ridge Hill to Hyde

  • The easiest way is via Ashton-under-Lyne bus station, where you should change for a 330 (which run every 10 minutes in the daytime). If you only have a Megarider or Dayrider ticket, this is your best option on weekdays and Saturdays.
  • Alternatively, any 389 bus from 0932 to 1432 should stand you in good stead for Stott’s Tours’ 343 service, by changing at Armentieres Square.
  • Or you could change in Stalybridge town centre (or walk down to Darnton Road) for the more circuitous 387 service!

From Yew Tree Estate to Hyde…

  • To transfer on to the 346, the stop outside Dukinfield Moravian Church is a short walk to the nearest 346 stop on Cheetham Hill Road. Connections are fairly patchy.
  • After 7pm, forget the bus if you can. The 346 which provides some connections in the daytime has shocking connections with the 389 if you wish to go to Hyde. There is only one 346 journey which has a viable Hyde connection with the evening 389s: the 2145 from Ashton which lines up with the 2120 journey from Ashton. Even so, there is a 10 – 15 minute wait at Cheetham Hill Road.
  • If you wish to get the bus, MCT Travel’s 41 service down to King Street and the 330 to Hyde may be a better option.

From Hyde to Ridge Hill

  • Once again via Ashton-under-Lyne bus station, change for your 389 after alighting your 330 from Hyde.
  • Alternatively, any 343 bus should stand you in good stead for the 389 to Ridge Hill, whether you change at Armentieres Square or Stalybridge bus station.

From Hyde to Yew Tree Estate…

  • If you need to get to the top end of Yew Tree Estate, particularly Lyne Edge Road, get the 343 to Stanley Square and change over for your 389.
  • Or, stay on your 346 up to The Lodge Hotel stop and walk up to Gorse Hall Road for your 389.
  • Better still, alight at The Lodge Hotel and go to the Hyde-bound 346 stop nearer to the pub and catch a 41.
  • After 7pm, forget the bus if you can. The 346 which provides some connections in the daytime has shocking connections with the 389 if you wish to go to Hyde.
  • If you wish to get the bus, you may be best catching MCT Travel’s 41 service from King Street, where you should change over from a 330 bus.

As seen above, residents on Yew Tree Estate got the worst part of the bargain. How long will it be before somebody suggests reinstating its Hyde link? What about extending the Backbower Circular 342s and 344s to Stalybridge via Yew Tree Estate and some degree of coordination with the 343 route?

S.V., 26 August 2019.

2 thoughts on “Oldham and Tameside Bus Service Changes Extra

  1. This company just keeps on going, and growing lol. I heard from a friend they now have another Metro contract in the Meltham area from October, the 903.


    1. Hi Leeds,

      It never ceases to amaze me. Especially as the journey experience on South Pennine Community Transport’s buses is wonderful. I hope that future expansion doesn’t ruin the craic and friendliness aboard their vehicles. How long will it be before they have depots on both sides of the Pennines?




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