The Beano's 4000th Edition

The Beano’s 4000th Issue: On Message as Ever and Glossy

Why, in the most darkest of days, we should never be without The Beano

In living memory, the last week has been one of the most darkest and tumultuous weeks. Within 24 hours of Jeremy Corbyn’s meeting with leaders of opposition parties to prevent a Tory No Deal Brexit®, Boris Johnson (and possibly his unelected puppets) decided to prorogue parliament. The Queen gave him the nod and within days, numerous protests have taken place across the UK.

For this post, we shan’t elaborate on the PM’s contempt for representative democracy. Instead, we shall focus on a British institution which came to the fore during the Second World War. A publication that has had a great influence on the nation’s humour and spawned several imitators.

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South Pennine Community Transport bus

Oldham and Tameside Bus Service Changes Extra

South Pennine Community Transport and MCT Travel service changes

Since our earlier look at Tameside’s Bus Service Changes, three more changes were announced.

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Pride Brass concert advert

Coming Soon: Pride Brass’ Historic First Concert

LGBTQI band to make live début at Boarshurst Band Club

One of the greatest things about the brass banding movement is its classlessness. Whether you live in modest or palatial surroundings, earn pennies or billions of pounds, nothing beats a good brass band concert. The roughest parts of the world as well as the most affluent areas could muster a band. Whatever your background, the brass band movement is an inclusive one.

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Stalybridge Old Band, The Den at Stalybridge Civic Hall

Stalybridge Old Band at The Den: The 200th Anniversary of Peterloo Concert

How Stalybridge Old Band wowed a full house at the Royal Exchange’s pop-up theatre

In the last few days, the Royal Exchange’s Den pop-up theatre has taken up residence in Stalybridge Civic Hall. It has played host to a number of original productions which reflect the borough’s rich history with encouraging support. There has been family-friendly workshops and social gatherings with more performances and workshops to come till the 24 August 2019.

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Nexus Move bus image

Linking Saddleworth with Tameside: Focus on Nexus Move

East of the M60 looks at Tameside’s latest bus operator

The Tameside bus scene is in the midst of far-reaching change. With the exception of three routes, FirstGroup are pulling out of the borough. Stagecoach and HCT Group’s MCT Travel will be the borough’s biggest players, followed by Stott’s Tours. The smallest operator of stage carriage vehicles is Nexus Move, who operate two routes in the borough, and a shuttle service from Greenfield railway station.

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EM60 13th Birthday Ticket

Teenage Kicks Aboard the 346

East of the M60’s thirteen years on the blogosphere

To misquote a certain Iron Lady, we are a teenager now. Or rather, East of the M60 is celebrating its thirteenth birthday. Like yours truly was in 1992, in its teenage years. The very point where we begin to moan about tidying our bedroom. That very point where we start getting interested in same sex or opposite sex relationships.

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SELNEC Futuroute machine

Great Unrealised Mancunian Transport Plans: The Not So Perfect Ten

In 1984, we were promised jetpacks; we got Pacer units instead

We haven’t had a Not So Perfect Ten on here for a while. With urban public transport forever in the news agenda, our latest NSP10 reflects this. Given how Northern Powerhouse Rail and Manchester Piccadilly’s 15th and 16th platforms hang in the balance, we are going to take a look at ten unrealised transport projects.

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First Greater Manchester Ancient Volvo, Oldham, 2018

Oldham and Saddleworth Bus Service Changes, 01 September 2019

Just the usual back to school changes and other tweaks

  • 24 route falls victim to FirstGroup rationalisation policies;
  • Changes to 181 and 182 routes.

Could the remnants of FirstGroup’s Greater Manchester operation be in Oldham a little bit longer? September’s forthcoming service changes suggest so, unless you board the 24 from Rochdale.

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First Greater Manchester Citaro Interior

Tameside and Glossop Bus Service Changes, 01 September 2019

Spoils of FirstGroup’s Tamexit sees sweeping changes

  • Ashton local services rationalised;
  • No more post-7pm buses from Stalybridge to Hyde;
  • Sunday and Bank Holiday 236s axed.

Most of this September’s changes are affected by FirstGroup’s retreat from the Tameside area. Within the next month, Tameside’s biggest two bus operators will be Stagecoach Manchester and MCT Travel. As for the service changes, not particularly good reading.

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Reddish Vale Country Park

Bored This Summer? How About Some Geocaching Fun by Bus?

Stagecoach Manchester launches a city wide treasure hunt

Treasure hunting has gone a long way from paper clues and finding given objects on a sketch map. Even the technology used in the Treasure Hunt game show (1983 – 89) looks joyously archaic: clunky radios have given way to cellular communications. Had Chatsworth Television’s series been revived in the 2010s, today’s sky runner would only need a smartphone.

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