Oldham and Saddleworth Bus Service Changes, 21 July 2019

Just the usual summertime changes

Unless you travel south of Moston on the 81 service, Oldham’s service changes are just your typical summertime changes.

If you travel between Moston and Manchester on the 81 route, First Greater Manchester will be getting rid of its part route journeys from The Gardeners Arms roundabout. Therefore, there will be four buses per hour in the daytime – down from eight per hour. The changes will not affect Derker and Holts Estate bound 81 and 81A journeys. If you wish to break part of your journey in Moston before continuing to Manchester, an annoyance.

Summer timetables

From the 21 July to the 31 August, a Summer Timetable will be operated on the following services:

  • 58: Oldham – Higginshaw – Shaw – Newhey – Milnrow – Rochdale (First Greater Manchester);
  • 59: Rushcroft – Shaw – Oldham – Chadderton – Middleton – Cheetham Hill – Piccadilly (First Greater Manchester);
  • 76: Oldham – Hollinwood – Failsworth – Miles Platting – Ancoats – Piccadilly (Stagecoach Manchester);
  • 81: Piccadilly – Moston – Werneth – Oldham – Derker (First Greater Manchester);
  • 81A: Piccadilly – Moston – Werneth – Oldham – Lees – Holts Estate (First Greater Manchester);
  • 83: Piccadilly – Hightown – Miles Platting – Failsworth – Hollinwood – Oldham – Watersheddings – Sholver (First Greater Manchester);
  • 180: Piccadilly – Miles Platting – Failsworth – Hollinwood – Hollins – Oldham – Lees – Grasscroft – Greenfield (First Greater Manchester);
  • 181: Piccadilly – Failsworth – Chadderton – Heyside – Newhey – Milnrow – Rochdale (First Greater Manchester);
  • 182: Piccadilly – Failsworth – Chadderton – Heyside – Newhey – Milnrow – Rochdale (First Greater Manchester);
  • 184: Piccadilly – Failsworth – Hollinwood – Hollins – Oldham – Lees – Grasscroft – Uppermill – Diggle – Huddersfield (First Greater Manchester);
  • 350: Ashton-under-Lyne – Mossley – Micklehurst – Hey Farm Estate – Greenfield – Uppermill – Dobcross – Delph – Scouthead – Waterhead – Greenacres – Oldham (First Greater Manchester);
  • 409: Rochdale – Royton – Oldham – Hathershaw – Ashton-under-Lyne (First Greater Manchester);
  • 425: Fitton Hill – Oldham – Holts Estate (First Greater Manchester).

Where next?

The latest set of changes have been a quiet one for many Oldham and Saddleworth bus passengers. No service revisions besides the summertime changes. This could suggest an uneasy peace, but what do we know?

We think First Greater Manchester may be concentrating more of its operations in Oldham. Pulling out of the 415 service in April could be one reason: this month, the withdrawal of their journeys on the 346 could be another. Could First Greater Manchester be an outstation of its fellow subsidiary in West Yorkshire? Could Rusholme be the new operational centre? We still don’t know.

With cuts to the 81/81A service affecting Moston passengers, how long will it be before Go North West considers filling in the gaps? In the slow, protracted psychodrama that is the sale of First Greater Manchester, the story continues. (Tune in to our next episode which should be due out by the end of August.)

S.V., 10 July 2019.

3 thoughts on “Oldham and Saddleworth Bus Service Changes, 21 July 2019

  1. well i wonder will anyone buy Oldham depot i think if anyone went for 350 would be an improvement would be Stotts or Rosso then again if someone did buy Oldham depot on another note nexus move have disposed of those stagecoach livered solos and think YK 07 BFV has gone aswell


  2. I took a 346 operated by First yesterday, and I have to say I’m not too surprised they are dropping this route. When you compare Oldham bus station use with Hyde, there is a massive difference so I wouldn’t be surprised if they concentrated on routes out of Oldham, giving the rest up including the 348. As for passenger numbers, for a mid afternoon journey from Ashton it was really poor. We set off on time, and didn’t catch up to the previous service but only about 12 were on with most getting off just outside Ashton town centre near a church. About 5 stopped on with 2 getting off at a stop next to a junction that had a supermarket next to it, the remaining 3 got off at Hyde with none boarding in between.


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