Brassband Rejkjavikur on the Uppermill Whit Walks

Whit Friday 2019 Results: Saddleworth Contests

East of the M60’s classified check on the Oldham and Saddleworth Area Whit Friday Brass Band Contest Results.

Brighouse and Rastrick Band maintain top spot in Saddleworth

Whereas Foden’s Band continue their stunning run in Tameside, Brighouse and Rastrick Band remain top dog in the Saddleworth contests. This year there was some stiff competition from Oldham Band (Lees).

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Stalybridge Old Band getting ready for their deportment march.

Whit Friday 2019 Results: Tameside Contests

East of the M60’s classified check on Tameside’s Whit Friday Brass Band Contests

Foden's Band, Whit Friday 2018 Brass Band Contest, Albion Hotel, Dukinfield
Yes, this is the same image as last year’s entry, but they did win the Tameside Whit Friday Championships again. Foden’s Band seen at the Albion Hotel contest in 2018.

The showery weather threatened to spoil Whit Friday 2019, but it was a case of ‘business as usual’ for Tameside’s Whit Friday contests. Both Dukinfield contests had the highest number of bands with 48 at Tame Valley and 44 at the Albion Hotel.

The Top Mossley contest’s move to Seel Park proved to be a good move. Over a thousand people descended on Mossley A.F.C’s ground. Just in time for The Greatest Free Show on Earth, Donkeystone Brewing Company launched a special house beer for the Lilywhites. Could this masterstroke help to boost Mossley A.F.C’s home attendances which have eaten into gates at Bower Fold and Ewen Fields?

18 in a row for Foden’s Band

Like last year, Foden’s Band continued their dominance of the Tameside contest venues. They picked up the top prizes in eight out of eleven venues. Continue reading “Whit Friday 2019 Results: Tameside Contests”