Ever wondered what became of the 330’s Manchester Airport link? That section has been spun off as a separate service.

After the 27 April 2019, the Tameside area will once again be without a direct bus to Manchester Airport. As a consequence, the 330 will revert to being an Ashton – Hyde – Stockport route. If you travel by public transport from the Tameside area to Manchester Airport, the train remains the fastest option. It is fair to say that the opening of Manchester Airport’s railway station in 1994 led to the cessation of the 400’s Airport link in May 1999.

If you travel by bus from Stockport to Ringway, you will still have four buses per hour during the daytime. One is High Peak’s 199 service from Buxton. The other will be Stagecoach Manchester’s new-fangled X30 service.

Like the 199, and the 330’s airport extension, the X30 will run non-stop between Stockport bus station and Manchester Airport. Via the M60 and M56 motorways.

Combined with the 103 service between Manchester Airport [The Station] and the World Freight Terminal, there will be four buses per hour. The 103 service from Piccadilly Gardens will also be extended from its present Manchester Airport terminus.

The new route has been designed to include earlier journeys, to tie in with shift patterns for staff of Manchester Airport. Its earliest journeys will begin at 0415 on weekdays and Saturdays, and 0635 on Sundays and Bank Holidays from Stockport bus station. As well as being a convenient link for airport employees, it is a more convenient early morning link for holidaymakers.

On weekdays, the service will be hourly from 0415 to 0615, then two buses per hour from 0645 to 1640. Thereafter, 1725, 1810 and fourteen minutes past the hour till 2214.

On Saturdays, once hourly till 0905 then two buses per hour till 1825. Thereafter, fourteen minutes past the hour from 1914 to 2214. On Sundays and Bank Holidays, once hourly at 25 minutes to the hour from 0635 to 1835, then half past the hour from 1930 to 2230.

For passengers using the 330, the 0520 journey (0521 on Saturdays) from Ashton-under-Lyne should give you 14 – 15 minutes to transfer from your 330 onto the next X30 (at 0615). On Sundays and Bank Holidays, any 330 at half past the hour (from 0630) should give you a solid connection with the X30. A leisurely 26 minutes.

Stagecoach Manchester managing director, Elisabeth Tasker, said “It is crucial our services are designed with the people who rely and use them regularly in mind.

“We wanted to introduce the new x30 service, and extend the existing 103 service, to ensure that both holiday makers and staff travelling to the airport are provided with practical and affordable transport links at hours convenient to them.”

Wayne Poole, Landside Operations Director at Manchester Airport, said: “Alongside the other methods of public transport such as rail, tram and coach services, this new bus route will provide a vital link for many people travelling to and from Manchester Airport.

“Giving our 28.5m passengers, and 25,000 staff based on site, increased options to access the airport is crucial as we continue to grow and play the role of economic generator and employment creator for the region.”

Cleared for take-off: Stagecoach Manchester’s new X30 route.

An EM60 Presentation, 26 April 2019.

Photograph by Peter Powell (not the former Radio 1 presenter or kite manufacturers!), 25 April 2019, on behalf of Tangerine PR Ltd.

3 thoughts on “The X30 Factor: Stagecoach Manchester’s New Express Service

  1. Last bus to Stockport/Ashton now 2230, 40 minutes earlier. Not good. Why do timetable changes *always* seem to stiff passengers? Can’t remember the last time I had any good news from changes.


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