Will You Meet the Fleet Elite?

Why Stagecoach Manchester’s drivers have led the way in a worldwide driving scheme

If your usual bus happens to be the 330 to Stockport, their journeys on the 346 route or most Manchester to Ashton bound bus services, this fact might surprise you. Your bus to Hyde or Droylsden could be steered by some of Greater Manchester’s most fuel-efficient and safest drivers.

From Abbey Lakes to Shirebrook Park, 493 Stagecoach Greater Manchester employees achieved Fleet Elite standard in a worldwide global performance measurement scheme. Fleet Elite standard drivers must clock up more than 500 driving hours in a year and achieve an average of five or less events, such as harsh braking or acceleration, per 10 hours of driving over the calendar year.

All employees who met the Fleet Elite standard received a special badge in recognition of their achievement. Of the 493 Stagecoach Manchester employees, 245 were awarded with the prestigious Master Fleet Elite badge, for maintaining Fleet Elite status for four or more years, and 67 were awarded the gold for achieving three or more years.

An additional 67 employees achieved the silver badge and 114 employees were awarded the bronze award. Elisabeth Tasker, Stagecoach managing director said: “Our drivers have achieved the recognition they deserve after putting into practice skills they have learnt on a strong training scheme, to help make our roads safer and help minimise pollution in the local environment. 

“It’s important to us as a business that our customers are provided with a comfortable, smooth, fuel efficient and safe journey, which Fleet Elite helps to ensure all of our drivers deliver.”

The latest training scheme comes on the back of Stagecoach Manchester’s investment of over £25million since January 2015 in new vehicles and facilities.

Welcome this may be, it is a mere drop in the ocean compared with the wider task at hand. According to IPPR North’s report entitled Atmosphere, over 20% of Greater Manchester’s buses fall into the most polluting Euro 2 – 3 emission standard. Only 10% of Greater Manchester’s buses are Euro 6 standard or electric, and many of which are owned by Stagecoach Manchester with more to come.

An EM60 Presentation, 03 April 2019.

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