Metrolink Doubles Ashton Frequency

Ashton-under-Lyne trams every six minutes from 28 January 2019

For nearly six years, the Metrolink has offered Ashtonians a third way of getting to Manchester city centre. With trams every twelve minutes, it is a more convenient option than the train, despite the latter mode’s faster journey times. For many passengers from Ashton to Manchester, the bus offers a more convenient option – 12 buses per hour on the 216 and 219 routes alone.

With simplified zonal fares being cheaper for short trips than local bus routes, the tram becomes a more attractive proposition. From the 28 January 2019, the 216 and 219 services face more competition, and it wont be coming from a rival bus operator.

From Monday, Ashton trams will be doubled from every twelve minutes to every six minutes. Ten trams per hour if you prefer.

Before 27 January 2019:

  • Every 12 minutes from Ashton to Eccles (MediaCityUK served on Sundays);

From the 28 January 2019:

  • Every 6 minutes from Ashton-under-Lyne to Manchester city centre and Harbour City. Then every 12 minutes to MediaCityUK and every 12 minutes to Eccles Interchange.

The extra services are part of the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Congestion Deal. This neatly complements the forthcoming bus portion of Tameside (Ashton-under-Lyne) Transport Interchange.

With two trains per hour, 10 trams per hour and 17 buses per hour in daytime (12 of which per hour the 216 and 219 routes), getting from Ashton-under-Lyne to Manchester city centre will be easier than ever.

Would Metrolink’s six minute frequency entice you away from your cars or buses to the tram? Feel free to comment.

S.V., 24 January 2019.

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  1. Philip Longdon says:

    Obviously, there is a major question mark over how long the 216 can continue at its present level. Apart from the doubling in tram services, you mention the effective cut in fares under the new zonal system. However, worse than that, I have heard that – despite security issues (or because of them!) – “virtually nobody pays between Droylsden and Ashton”. I’d guess this is mostly true in the evenings, but it does make you wonder if it actually suits KAM to take short term hits on revenue where they are in direct competition with the bus.


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