A Brass Band Advent Calendar: 25. Santa Claus-trophobia

ENCORE: Sandy Smith’s Christmas medley

Well, the people have spoken, and Christmas Day Means Christmas Day. As an extra to the previous 24 Advent Calendar windows, there is only one Christmas medley which depicts The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Enter Sandy Smith’s medley of Christmas songs. Can you guess each and every one of the Christmas songs that are being played? Why don’t you play along at home? Maybe have a little sing-song.

Over the last month, you may have heard Santa Claus-trophobia at several Christmas concerts. It is a jolly medley and, 24 Advent Calendar windows later, our first Christmas piece of East of the M60’s Brass Band Advent Calendar.

Our extra clip features Wakefield Metropolitan Brass Band in a December 2014 concert. Formed in 1977, the band rehearse in Sandal, a village on the southern outskirts of Wakefield city centre. Their present (as at 2018) Musical Director Peter Kench has previously played for Yorkshire Imperial Band.

The Championship Section band’s previous Musical Directors have included Russell Gray and Stig Maersk. In 2009 they won the Yorkshire Area First Section title which gave them a place in brass banding’s top flight.

But wait… there’s more…!

Tomorrow morning, we might have an extra piece in the can. A real cobweb duster. A real blockbuster at that. We can hardly wait to see what’s behind the final door.

S.V., 25 December 2018.

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