A Brass Band Advent Calendar: 24. Procession to the Minster

If you really want to finish a brass band concert in style, this is the piece!

After 23 days, we have come to the end of our Brass Band Advent Calendar. If you have followed all the windows, each and every one was chosen to make for The Mother of All Brass Band Concerts. For our Christmas Eve Advent Calendar door, we look at a class arrangement by Howard Snell.

Procession to the Minster was composed by Richard Wagner. It is also from the opera known as Lohengrin and depicts the marriage of Lohengrin and Elsa at Antwerp Minster. For many brass banders, the Howard Snell arrangement is the definitive one. His arrangement was written in 1988 with the fanfares being original to this piece.

The real standout performance comes from the soprano cornet player. This is closely followed by the horns and baritones which add gravitas to this piece.

No brass band enthusiast can claim to have lived a full life without hearing this version at least. So, whip out those headphones or switch on the sound bar of your device. You wouldn’t regret it.

A Merry Christmas To You All

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year. If you have enjoyed our advent calendar, feel free to give the East of the M60 Facebook page a like. Or you can follow me on Twitter (as @Atlantean7001). Whether you choose Facebook or Twitter, you will be first to know about our latest posts.

Before we go, there might be time for an encore set. Will there be one? Find out tomorrow morning.

S.V., 24 December 2018.

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