A Brass Band Advent Calendar: 19. Deep Harmony

A legendary hymn performed by a great band

As we may have mentioned in countless concert reviews, brass bands and hymns are virtually intertwined. For many music lovers, nothing else will do. This rendition of Deep Harmony might prove your point.

The hymn was written by Handel Parker and has an alternate tune known as Uxbridge. It is also known as Sweet is the Work. Many arrangers have turned their hand to this piece, most famously Roy Newsome.

At a hymn and march contest, the power of Deep Harmony can never be underestimated. A great performance can move its audience to silence. In our latest clip, we see the Yorkshire Imperial Band perform the hymn at the Morley Hymn and March Contest (15 June 2014). This is only one part of their award-winning performance.

In our next Advent Calendar window, there will be a pot boiler of a classical music piece. All will be revealed tomorrow and we cannot wait for this one.

S.V., 19 December 2018.

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  1. Tony Gibson says:

    As a lifelong Methodist and lover of Deep Harmony however it is played I also enjoy singing it every Tuesday night at Honley MVC at the close of choir practice. It is our choir tradition

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tony,

      Welcome to East of the M60. I would count Deep Harmony as one of my favourite hymns, especially in brass band form.




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