A Brass Band Advent Calendar: 17. Grandfather’s Clock

Thanks to Glyn Williams and Co., everything plus the kitchen sink

If you have visited some of Boarshurst Silver Band’s concert, or own a copy of their superb CD Images, this piece should be familiar enough to you. Henry Clay Work’s Grandfather’s Clock. It is a popular feature as a light concert music item.

Written in 1878, it is by far Mr. Clay Work’s most familiar piece. He was a distant cousin of Frances Work, the great-grandmother of Diana, Princess of Wales.

As for today’s clip, our rendition sees Foden’s Band having a whale of a time. We also see former Marsden Silver Prize Band Musical Director Glyn Williams in this clip. Our clip from 2014 was recorded at that year’s Brass In Concert at SAGE Gateshead.

Given the entertainment angle of Alan Fernie’s arrangement, we see the addition of an unusual instrument. Yes, brought to you by that little known instrument manufacturer Armitage Shanks, the Silver Baritone Kitchen Sink. A stunning performance on an unconventional instrument played purely for laughs.

If you thought Foden’s Band’s performance was a one off, yours truly saw Grimethorpe Colliery Band repeat a similar feat at Altrincham Garrick Theatre. The audience reaction that night was sensational.

For tomorrow’s Advent Calendar window, we shall turn to the greasepaint and celluloid for our next piece. All will be revealed on the eighteenth.

S.V., 17 December 2018.

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