A Brass Band Advent Calendar: 16. Jenny Jones

Another vintage solo from The Mighty Briggus

In this recording we feature two brass band icons: our euphonium soloist Lyndon Baglin and William Rimmer, the Southport born composer of this piece.

Lyndon Baglin is a legendary euphonium player. He has also played for CWS Manchester, Stanshaw, and Black Dyke Mills brass bands as well as Brighouse and Rastrick. Within this six and a half minute clip you cannot whack the clarity in his performance.

If your knowledge of brass bands is ‘A’ Level standard (or Grade 1 GCSE standard at the very least), William Rimmer needs little introduction. Born in Southport in 1862, he was noted for his cornet playing abilities. That wasn’t lost on legendary Musical Director Alexander Owen, whilst they were at Besses O’Th’Barn Brass Band.

Rimmer is best known for his contest marches, a staple of many a Whit Friday band contest. His works include Ravenswood, The Cossack, The Australasian, and Punchinello.

If Jenny Jones was a kind of beverage, Baglin’s performance would be a warming mug of hot chocolate. Consumed in front of a roaring fire with the dog sat beside you on the settee. The picture on the album cover is the town hall and neighbouring Barclays Bank on Thornton Square. Which, if you attend the Brighouse Hymn and March Contest seems strange without a sea of spectators and the strains of Love Divine followed by Mephistopheles.

In our next Advent Calendar window, we shall move on to a light concert item. All will be revealed tomorrow.

S.V., 16 December 2018.

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