A Brass Band Advent Calendar: 8 Theme from Back to the Future

Crank up the Delorean to 88mph, Marty McFly’s got a euphonium now…

Almost 33 years ago, Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future hit British cinema screens. It turned out to be a major success making Deloreans cool cars, and a certain Mr M. J. Fox did well out of it.

In our previous Advent Calendar door we gave you Mr Sandman, which featured in the same film. Separated from 1985’s box office smash, Mr Sandman would have been a novelty item in a given concert programme. Or popular music.

Tying the two together is the signature tune to Back to the Future, lovingly played by Black Dyke Band. Pretty good it is too; almost like being back at the Roxy or the Metro. Before being in good time for the last 180 or 339 home with your Clippercard or SaverSeven pass.

On getting home, you realise you have forgotten to feed the cats. Which reminds us of the next piece behind tomorrow’s Advent Calendar. A-mew-sing? You bet it will be…

S.V., 08 December 2018.

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