A Brass Band Advent Calendar: 6. The Paragon

A classic solo performance by James Shepherd

In the world of great literature, the collected works of Billy Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Thomas Hardy are referred to as ‘classics’. They form part of many a school’s syllabus. In the world of brass banding, there are several pieces that warrant Classic Status. Also several soloists. 

James Shepherd is one of them. As brass band solo performers go, each cornet player aspires to equal his virtuosity. This is expressed in his 1969 performance of The Paragon.

The Paragon starts off quietly, building up to a bouncy number by Edward Sutton. A joy to listen to in a concert setting and, as seen in our clip, on vinyl. It is dedicated to another cornetist, Harold Pinches.

Tomorrow’s piece will also feature the cornet. In other words, there will be a cornet feature behind our seventh door. What’s it going to be? Just wait and see.

S.V., 06 December 2018.

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