A Brass Band Advent Calendar: 5. Shine As The Light

A toast to absent friends in melodic form

Sometimes, Christmas can be a sad time which has seen the loss of loved ones. All the worse with Christmas supposedly being The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Many people may choose to plant a tree or dedicate a bench to commemorate their dearly departed friend or relative. 

In the brass band world, the gift of song offers a permanent reminder. One example is Janet’s Song by Jonathan Bates, written for Boarshurst Silver Band (on their 2017 CD Images). Our latest piece behind the door is Shine as the Light. Written by Peter Graham, it is dedicated to the memory of All Honsburger.

Shine as the Light was written for Peter Graham’s visit to the Salvation Army’s Star Lake camp in 1997. It has also held its own as a test piece, first performed by Division Two bands on the 11 February 2000 at the Norwegian National Championships.

Earlier this year, Hammonds Band performed this piece in an excellent concert at the Boarshurst Band Club. Today’s clip shows you the very same band’s immediate predecessors, conducted by David King.

For tomorrow, we shall treat you to a classic solo performance of the highest order. All will be revealed when our sixth door has been unbolted.

S.V., 05 December 2018.

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