A Brass Band Advent Calendar: 2. Prismatic Light

Alan Fernie’s popular concert opener

At the start of many brass band concerts, there is nothing better than a bombastic concert opener. Some brass bands prefer to open with a march, others might choose a bombastic overture in miniature. Alan Fernie’s Prismatic Light is a tour de force in the latter category. 

Prismatic Light was originally written for the Loanhead Youth Band’s 10th anniversary concert in 2012. With nods to the music of John Williams and Philip Sparke, it is hardly surprising as to why Fernie’s piece captivates audiences of all ages from Aberdeen to Zanzibar.

Behind our second window of our Brass Band Advent Calendar is Black Dyke Band’s performance on their Forever Shining album. I have heard Stalybridge Old Band and Elland Silver Band – and Elland Silver Youth Band – perform this piece in style. Black Dyke’s performance, conducted by Nicholas J. Childs is the benchmark each band should aspire to reaching.

Tomorrow’s piece, instead of being an overture in miniature, is a well loved piece by Shostakovich. All will be revealed once the third door is opened.

S.V., 02 December 2018.

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