Shubar to Close Whilst Bargain Buys Bounces Back: Ashton Review of Shops Extra

A closer look at this month’s window on the shop windows

Just under a week ago, we hoped the next month ahead would have brought us some cheerful retail news. Sadly, not the case.

The Shubar Closure

In the last year alone, we have lost Holloways’ Luggage Shop and have seen the migration of O’Briens’ gents outfitters to Romiley. This week, The Ashton Review of Shops has learned that The Shubar will be closing its doors.

Situated on Old Street, The Shubar was the go-to place for fine footwear. Especially for weddings, gala dinners, school, or any excuse to look your best. Alongside Edward Meeks’ shop, a proper shoe shop. A shoe shop where staff take the trouble to measure your feet, suggest suitable sandals, or recommend certain makes.

Uniquely, The Shubar’s other treasure was upstairs: The Shubar Café which offered a tea room style ambience. A fine excuse for a cream tea after spending ten minutes or so choosing brogues. Yours truly tried the Pea and Ham soup in 2015 which was on fine form.

In the run-up to Christmas, The Shubar is having a closing down sale. By the start of 2019, Edward Meeks’ shop in Ladysmith Shopping Centre will be the sole outlet for premium priced footwear. Which for the administrative capital of a metropolitan borough council is a bad do.  Where does one go to in Tameside for smart footwear and suits with excellent personal service these days?

Bargain Buys Bounces Back

In a previous edition of The Ashton Review of Shops, we told you that Poundstretcher have taken on the former Bargain Buys unit. Back then we thought they would relocate from Ashton Retail Park along with the Pet Hut.

On Saturday, we found that Poundstretcher had bought the rights to Poundworld’s Bargain Buys fascia. Over the last month, some Bargain Buys stores have reopened in their original locations.

In the last week, Bargain Buys returned to Ashton-under-Lyne. Apart from a change of typeface to their signage and Point of Sale graphics, almost a case of ‘as you were’. As for Poundstretcher, they are staying put on Ashton Retail Park with the Pet Hut. Therefore, Bargain Buys’ new parent company has two stores in the town under two different trading styles.

Newly opened

Taking on the former HMV/Pep and Co/Dixons/That’s Entertainment unit in the Arcades Shopping Centre is Value Clothing. The retailer sells catalogue surplus and past season clothing – many of which from designer names seen on and Whether they are on a long term lease remains to be seen.

Once More We Meet…

The Calendar Club, as they do from November to early January the following year are back. Assuming the ‘Guest Appearance by Thora Hird’ role (on Last of the Summer Wine), their calendars will be sold in the former Early Learning Centre unit opposite the Sky stall.

S.V., 08 November 2018.

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    For some reason, wordpress will not allow me to ‘like’ posts – rest assured they are indeed read and treasured, and I hope this unfortunate glitch is sorted out soon. I’ve emailed them. Regards, W.


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