The World Cup of Greater Manchester Bus Routes Final: V1 v. 184

Now, the end is near… yes, after several group stages and knockout rounds, we have now reached the final tie. The game of all games, the clash of all clashes… Forget France versus Croatia, this is the one.

The bus to Leigh? Or the bus to Huddersfield? Let’s play…

Along the Busway

The busway and Vantage’s sleek Enviro400MMC buses are the biggest selling points of the V1 service. Compared with the mainly urban nature of the V1 and V2 routes, the Leigh Guided Busway has a slight sylvan setting. Footpaths and bridleways parallel part of the busway which is a real contrast to the East Lancashire Road.

Compared with most of Greater Manchester’s bus routes, its use of real time information is a breath of fresh air. Whether on the busway or on board.

Along the Queen’s highway

Fresh air and rural settings? You have got that in great numbers along the 184 route. Instead of horse riders you are most likely to see sheep on the A62. Few bus routes can claim to offer connections with Metrolink trams and the Pennine Way. Perhaps the only one of its kind.

The views between Grasscroft and Marsden are nothing short of unbelievable. They knock the spots off the rural section along the V1 route. Both services have free WiFi and double decker buses as standard (though you may wish to turn refrain from using the WiFi on the Diggle stretch).

Full Time Score:

V1 [Manchester] 1 – 3 184 [Huddersfield]

Though the V1 has a superior frequency and evening journeys, the clear winner was one of First Greater Manchester’s most scenic routes. It was the sheep on the A62 which won it.


The World Cup of Greater Manchester Bus Routes was the product of several years (over 35 years of) personal research along Greater Manchester’s bus routes as a regular passenger. For business and pleasure. This year’s World Cup of GM Bus Routes was also made possible by the following materials:

  • Numerous public transport books and timetables covering the last 50+ years of bus operation;
  • A selection of season tickets and rover tickets including TfGM’s Wayfarer ticket, GMT’s ClipperCard, FirstDay ticket, SuperGeM day saver, System One Any Bus Day Saver, Stagecoach’s DayRider tickets and Manchester Megariders, and concessionary travel schemes;
  • Live and recorded music by Genesis, Supertramp, Boarshurst Silver Band, and The Hammonds Band;
  • Yorkshire Tea, J.D. Wetherspoon vouchers (cheers CAMRA), and Donkeystone Brewery ales;
  • Countless breakfasts at Wright’s Café Central (Ashton-under-Lyne) and Wilberrys (Uppermill);
  • The Hyde [Manchester Road, A57] branch of ALDI;
  • The letters ‘G’, ‘M’, and ‘T’, and the number ‘346’.

© 2018 Stuart Vallantine.

S.V., 15 July 2018.

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