In Pictures: Where ‘It’s Coming Home’ Means Returning to a Stagecoach Depot

Stagecoach Manchester’s novel way of sending buses back to the depot

Many buses returning to the depot tend to have a slightly curt ‘Sorry Not In Service’ on the front indicator. Sometimes a more blunt ‘Not In Service’ or ‘Engaged’. The Bee Line Buzz Company’s minibuses opted for ‘Buzzing Off to the Depot’ for their depot transfers. Stagecoach Manchester, due to the World Cup have gone a step further thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

Stagecoach’s buses will either display ‘It’s Coming Home’ or ‘Come On England’ on their front indicators. They will be seen throughout Greater Manchester and parts of Derbyshire, from Abbey Lakes to Hayfield Bus Station. Here’s a few images of them seen at Piccadilly Gardens.

Front view of the bus.
Full length view of the bus.
Surprise: passengers looking in awe at the ‘It’s Coming Home’ message.

Stagecoach Manchester isn’t the only operator to have jumped onto the World Cup bandwagon. First Greater Manchester have done the same displaying the same message with a hashtag (as #ItsComingHome).

An EM60 Presentation, 11 July 2018.

Images courtesy of Tangerine PR Ltd, 2018.

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