July’s window on the shop windows

  • Poundworld in administration;
  • New coffee shop coming to Hyde;
  • All the usual comings and goings in the Tameside area.
Warrington Street, Ashton-under-Lyne
Going: Poundworld’s retail empire, well represented in the Tameside area.

This month’s weather has been glorious for shopping. Especially open-air shopping centres and open markets. Sadly, the same couldn’t have been said of recent reports; particularly the demise of Poundworld and The House of Fraser’s rationalisation. In our borough, more the former.

Poundworld in administration

Whether in the dead tree media or online, shop closures have vied for front page space alongside the World Cup. Whereas House of Fraser’s rationalisation has made the mid-market tablolds, the same couldn’t be said of Poundworld, whose loss would be greater. Both for consumers and their employees.

Poundworld going into administration will affect three Tameside towns leaving four units to fill. In Ashton-under-Lyne, both the Poundworld (Staveleigh Way) and Poundworld Plus (Warrington Street) stores will close. The latter store opened as Bargain Buys in December 2013. On social media, this has led to some speculation as to who the next tenants could be. A Primark would be nice; and this seems to have topped the wish list of some posters.

Also affected by their administration are Poundworld’s Hyde (Clarendon Mall) and Denton (Crown Point North) stores.

Poundworld was formed in 1974 as a market stall in Wakefield known as Bargain Centre. In 1997, they opted for a single price format (seven years after Poundland’s formation in Burton-upon-Trent). Besides their present guise, Poundworld made their first steps into Tameside as Everything’s £1 in Ashton-under-Lyne. This was inherited from their purchase of rival Yorkshire chain Superpound, who occupied the former Cantors unit (now occupied by Harrington and Hallworth Jewellers).

Putting on the Xyle

The Ashton Review of Shops can reveal the new occupants of Hyde’s former Poundstretcher unit on Manchester Road retail park. Between The Food Warehouse and the B&M Homestore will be Xyle, a coffee shop with a difference. The artisan coffee shop will differ from the Costa/Caffe Nero/Starbucks hegemony by offering tasty food and a space for dancing, yoga, hairdressing and meeting space.

With its near-central location and access to the M67 motorway, it aims to offer a fresh take on the coffee shop. Especially if you fancy somewhere to meet, dance, or meditate. We wish them well with their success. Xyle will open its doors on the 12 July.

A Barclays Bank transfer

Come September, Stamford Street will only have one retail bank: HSBC UK’s branch adjacent to Lidl. From then on, Barclays Bank will be moving from Stamford Street to the Arcades Shopping Centre. They will be taking over the former Simply Clintons unit, first leased by JJB Sports.

Barclays’ decision could improve footfall to its Ashton-under-Lyne branch. With cash machines indoors, a more attractive proposition than using the outdoor machines on Stamford Street.

TAC Tales

Slowly but surely, the Joint Service Centre is coming on nicely. Following Carillion’s demise, this has left a £9 million black hole in Tameside MBC’s budget for the project. Closer to Oldham Road, construction works for the Ashton-under-Lyne Interchange have moved a step further. This time with the closure of stands from J to R in the 1994 bus station, and the use of temporary stands beside Ashton-under-Lyne Swimming Baths.

Forthcoming Planning Applications

Do you like coffee or pizza? This month’s look makes for good reading.

Polite Note: for reasons of brevity, any pub and club applications come under the Pub and Club Update section. You know the drill; it’s one of ALDI’s latest Specialbuys offers tomorrow morning.

  • Strands Hairdressing Salon on 62 Stockport Road, Denton, could be converted into a house.
  • 17 Walker Street, Denton, could be converted from a home to a café. Alterations may include a new shop front and a single storey extension.
  • A coffee shop could be coming to Ashton Moss Leisure Park. The applicant is seeking approval for its finishing touches (roof panels, signage, paving), following a previous application.
  • A former sandwich shop on 211 Ashton Road, Hyde, could be converted into a ground floor flat.
  • Early last month, plans had been submitted for Xyle’s signage. From our observations we assume the plans have been passed as signage is being installed.
  • The former Hyde and Stalybridge Carpets shop on 47 Clarendon Place, Hyde could become a café or restaurant. Being opposite KFC, some competition for the global fried chicken giant?
  • The former Carpet Right showroom on 18 – 28 Stockport Road, Denton, could be Papa John’s second branch in Tameside.
  • An office on 46, Oldham Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, could become a Dental Practice. If passed, we hope it will accept National Health Service patients.

Retail and Leisure Movements

  • The refurbishment of ALDI’s Ashton-under-Lyne and Stalybridge supermarkets have been completed.
  • Sports Direct could be moving to the former BHS unit in Crown Point North, Denton. Which would also be handy for the forthcoming Denton Wellness Centre.
  • Plans to build the Denton Wellness Centre have been passed without objection. Roll on 2020!

Pub and club update

In the last month, we have learned of The Silly Country’s success among Droylsdonian drinkers. With the weather being good for continental style bar culture, they have been trying (without success) to gain permission for an outdoor seating area.

A new use could be found for the banking hall of the long-closed Royal Bank of Scotland branch on Stamford Road, Mossley. It could be converted into a café bar with a beer garden and a games room. The name is unknown as yet though anything other than The Old Bank or Old Brow would be appreciated.

*                     *                    *

Next Month:

Will the long hot summer be with us next month? Could somebody spare us some rain for Buckton Moor? Tune in to our next thrilling episode on the 04 August 2018, 9am sharp.

S.V., 07 July 2018.

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