Game 3, Quarter Finals: 192 v. 343  

For our fifty-ninth fixture we have a real crunch match, featuring two routes that would have been cross-boundary routes prior to 1974.

Via Lancashire and Cheshire

Most of the 192’s route miles is in the old Lancashire boundary, and along a very busy part of the A6. If you don’t fancy walking up to Stockport station, or sitting on the circuitous Metroshuttle to get there, the 192 is preferable. Even with a 35 – 60 minutes journey time from Stockport to Manchester city centre.

As we have said before, it is a great route for antiques lovers. Also for Levenshulme, Stockport, and Longsight markets and a couple of good theatres.

Three counties – in Mossley alone

The 343 service passes three pre-1974 boundaries – all of which in Mossley. In Micklehurst it takes in Cheshire; then Lancashire for Bottom and Top Mossley. Its Yorkshire section is between Lees Road (a few yards before leading to Under Lane) and Lees [County End].

What the 343 lacks in frequency (compared with the 192) it more than makes up for it in scenery and friendliness. With Stott’s Tours its operator since April 2012, it is possible to be on nodding terms with the drivers. Which is more than could be said for Greater Manchester’s larger bus operators.

Full Time Score:

192 [Manchester] 1 – 2 343 [Oldham]

Friendliness as well as fantastic views led to a shock win for the 343 service over the Colossus of the 192.

S.V., 07 July 2018.

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