Game 1, Quarter Finals: X43 v. 1  

For our fifty-seventh fixture we look at two Lancastrian routes operated by two different Transdev subsidiaries.

Towards Yorkshire via Pendle

As we have said in our previous rounds, the X43’s real selling point is the scenery north of Rawtenstall and north of Colne. Its ability to provide a commuters’ express route and a local service in parts is pretty good too. Not to mention dual purpose seating which is good for long distance travel as well as short hops.

Do we like this one?

Like the X43, the 1 service has a decent frequency: every 7/8 minutes between Blackburn and Darwen on weekday and Saturday daytimes. Also a respectable four buses per hour to Bolton in the same times. With Northern’s rail service being notoriously unreliable, would you rather wait another hour for the next train to Darwen?

Full Time Score:

X43 [Skipton] 2 – 1 1 [Blackburn]

Passenger comfort and variety of potential journeys makes the X43 a winner. The 1 service, had it retained its links with Accrington and Clitheroe (as in 2011) could have took this tie to extra time.

S.V., 06 July 2018.

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