Game 2, Quarter Finals: V1 v. 481  

For our fifty-eighth fixture we look at two more Lancastrian routes, offering two sides of the Red Rose County.

Living life in the Busway

In a recent survey, the V1 and V2 Vantage bus routes got a 92% satisfaction rating. Apart from being higher than average for Greater Manchester, it has created a modal shift. A shift towards the Leigh Guided Busway from the car for Manchester bound journeys. Some passengers have taken to walking to busway stops instead of boarding local buses and transferring onto a V1 or V2.

Yet, prior to the Leigh Guided Busway’s construction, they were far from impressed and wanted a new railway line. Had the former Tyldesley line reopened, we would have been hearing complaints about Northern’s timetable or its spate of cancellations.

Our views of the view

The 481 from Bury to Blackburn is a fine route for leisure travellers and local journeys. With the latter, especially between Bury and Rawtenstall, or Haslingden to Rawtenstall. For leisure travellers, the views along Calf Hey and Ogden Reservoirs are sensational.

At present, its meagre frequency doesn’t make for commuter route material. Unlike the V1 and V2 services, alas.

Full Time Score:

V1 [Manchester] 3 – 1 481 [Bury]

Sadly, no amount of beautiful scenery could save the 481 from defeating the V1, due to its excellent frequency and free WiFi.

S.V., 06 July 2018.

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