Last 16, Match 8: 184 v. 237  

For the seventh match of our knockout stages, we look at two bus routes that tickle part of the Peak District National Park boundaries.

No Sheep Till Marsden

The views along Marsden Moor are nothing short of amazing. So much so that the front four seats upstairs are the first to be taken up east of Oldham (or west of Marsden). Combined with summertime weather and clear skies, a photogenic view from Diggle to Marsden is worthy of buying a FirstDay ticket alone.

To its fullest extent, the 184 service is a gem among cross-boundary bus routes. Besides serving local clientele at both ends, it makes for an attractive alternative to the train between Huddersfield and Greenfield. East of Marsden it combines with other local routes beginning there.

Tesco traffic traumas

The 237 is a great route for getting from Ashton or Stalybridge to Bower Fold. It is also good for getting to Glossop or Hadfield. Especially with the views from Mottram to Hadfield via Tintwistle. With the 236, better still.

What spoils any enjoyment of the 237 (and its sister route, the 236) is traffic. The section between Mottram and Tintwistle can be a pain in the proverbials. Worse still is the traffic in Glossop, which in its worst case scenario, can stretch from Dinting arches. The culprit? Tesco. The traffic signalled junction leading to the store and other retail premises nearby.

Full Time Score:

184 [Huddersfield] 5 – 2 237 [Glossop]

An emphatic victory for the 184 service. A salvo of three goals in the first half put the tie beyond the 237 service’s reach.

S.V., 03 July 2018.

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