Last 16, Match 2: 1 v. 600  

For the second match of our knockout stages, we look at two Greater Manchester bus routes with industrial leanings.

“Do you like that?”

The Metropolitan Borough of Bolton can claim to be the birthplace of industrial cotton spinning. Samuel Crompton’s spinning mule revolutionised the industry to a point where cotton spinning outgrew its cottage industry status (leading to the construction of some formidable mills).

Though there are very few cotton mills left in Bolton Council boundaries, the 1 service enables you to look at the India Mill chimney. Just outside Bolton Council boundaries in Darwen. As for the Bolton link, Fred Dibnah’s climb.

Is it Leigh you’re looking for…?

In previous entries on the 600 service we have focused on the mining history along the way. At its journey’s end, Leigh is noted in transport circles for the guided busway. Its art gallery and library, The Turnpike Centre, is a fine example of municipal brutalist architecture on a human scale.

If anything else shows the modern face of Leigh besides its busway, it is the Leigh Sports Village. Since moving from Hilton Park, Leigh Centurions set up home in the complex. It was envisaged that Leigh RMI would follow suit; they did, though only for a year as Leigh Genesis. Whilst the World Cup was in full swing, the main stadium played host to a Lionel Richie concert.

Full Time Score:

1 [Blackburn] 1 – 1 600 [Leigh]

After extra time, 1 [Blackburn] won 2 – 1.

To separate the two routes wasn’t an easy prospect: both offer good views along the way and a useful service for their communities.

S.V., 30 June 2018.

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