Game 6, Group F (Manford): 327 v. 192  

For our forty-fourth fixture, we look at two very different routes of a Stopfordian nature. Do you choose Hazel Grove or Haughton Green? Let’s play.

Short but sweet

The 327 isn’t the longest of routes but it takes in a fair mix of residential and industrial locations. For Brinningtonians it offers an important link with Denton town centre and Bredbury Industrial Estate. It may lack the scenery enjoyed on (for example, Yorkshire Tiger’s X58 route) but the devil lies in its detail.

Long and strong

Imagine Greater Manchester’s bus network without the 192. If there was no 192, you could kiss goodbye to the bus as being a form of mass rapid transit in the conurbation. It forms the backbone of Greater Manchester’s bus network and is frequent enough to make your car superfluous. More people make short hop journeys along the way, though some may be mad enough to do the full route.

Full Time Score:

327 [Denton] 2 – 2 192 [Manchester]

There was little to separate the two services in terms of their usefulness. Therefore, a 2-2 draw was a fair result.

S.V., 27 June 2018.

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