Game 3, Group B (Formby): V1 v. 600  

For our eighteenth fixture we look at two ways of getting to Leigh. Do you go for the bus via Limahl’s birthplace or state-of-the-art guide wheels? Let’s go…

V1 for victory?

There is something remotely space age about Leigh’s Guided Busway which has made this part of the V1 attractive to bus enthusiasts and new customers. For many buses, this is the standard we should aspire to due to the sleek Vantage branded double deckers. Tables upstairs – either for your laptop, tablet, or a coffee – is a win in my view. They make mincemeat out of the Pacer units you see on the Atherton line!

All in all, in the valley of Douglas, they rode the 600

I love the V1 and see it as a future vision for city centre trunk bus routes. Another part of me likes the 600 due to the former mining towns it serves. It is both interesting and sad to see how busy Golborne and Lowton may have been in the pre-McGregor years of the National Coal Board. A scene once full of Lancashire United Transport red and grey buses.

Full Time Score:

V1 [Manchester MRI] 2 – 2 600 [Wigan]

Due to our Video Assisted Referee (on a plasma screen television in Birchfields Road), it was all square for both routes. Strictly speaking, both routes have echoes of Leigh’s industrial past. Time for some historical leaflets and educational bumph for the two routes?

S.V., 20 June 2018.

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