Game 4, Group B (Formby): 362 v. 113  

For our twentieth fixture we look at two very different ways of getting out of Wigan. Both of which take moderately rural settings.

Will the 362 do?

Of the two services, the 362 (with Arriva’s smart Sapphire buses) is the fastest route. At roughly 40 minutes it is a more direct alternative to doing the same journey by rail. A journey from Wigan North Western to Chorley may involve changing trains at Leyland. As for the journey time, not too far removed the 362. Then there’s the hope your connections will meet (a thorny issue at this time of writing).

Best enjoyed as part of an afternoon drive

The 113 is the only bus based solution for journeys from Wigan to Preston. Virgin West Coast and Northern seem to have the Wigan – Preston market sewn up. Given the chance of two hours on a bus or a few minutes on the train, you know where the smart money lies. Strictly speaking, the A49 is crying for a fast cross-boundary bus route between the two place, but is it viable?

As we have said before, the 113 is good for an afternoon drive. Especially south of Leyland via Croston village. Which could be a good spot for changing over to the Ormskirk train.

Full Time Score:

362 [Chorley] 2 – 1 113 [Preston]

Speed has the upper hand on Arriva’s service compared with the 113. This is more marched when we compare bus journey times with rail journey times.

S.V., 20 June 2018.

One thought on “2018 World Cup of GM Bus Routes: A Long Way or a Short Way from Wigan?

  1. I rode the 113 in 1995, when it was mostly operated by North Western but Stagecoach ran a few journeys, including this evening peak journey which I found in Preston Bus Station being operated by ex Lancaster City Transport 1206 (originally 206), so I did a return trip! Lovely run!


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