Women Into Transport Set to Challenge Male Dominated Industry

Stagecoach Manchester leads charge to get more women into transport industry.

For well over a century, the bus industry has been a male dominated one. Men have driven buses, designed the things, and managed bus undertakings. It is worth noting that a brother, husband and sister formed one of the world’s largest transport operators. The one that accounts for a 100 million bus journeys in Greater Manchester alone.

Logically, the operator that is launching Women Into Transport is Stagecoach. The one formed by Ann Gloag, brother Brian Souter, and her then husband Robin Souter with an overnight coach from Dundee to London. Stagecoach Manchester – part of Gloag’s empire since March 1996 – is inviting women to have a go at driving a bus. This is part of a new initiative to encourage more women to look for employment in the transport industry.

An open day will take place on the 20 January 2018 at Ashton-under-Lyne depot, off Clarence Street. Wannabe bus drivers will be given the chance of driving a bus in a controlled environment. Men as well as women are also welcome to attend the open day.

Recent statistics have stated that just over 6% of driver post at Stagecoach Manchester are held by females. This is below the 10% average for the bus industry as a whole, and below the 7% average figure for Greater Manchester’s bus and coach operators.

In spite of these figures, Stagecoach Manchester’s 210 female employees enjoy working there. These range from bus drivers to inspectors, engineers, and operational roles. The best known face of the 210 female employees is Managing Director, Elisabeth Tasker. Here’s a few of the workforce in this video clip seen below.

Jo Morgan, a bus driver at Stagecoach Manchester said: “I’ve been at Stagecoach Manchester for over seven years now and loved every minute. The camaraderie amongst the staff is great and it’s always an enjoyable experience coming to work.

“I first looked into a career as a bus driver because I love meeting and speaking to people. Stagecoach is a really enjoyable place to work and I’d really recommend anyone who is interested to come down to the open day at Ashton.”

Elisabeth Tasker, Managing Director of Stagecoach Manchester said: “We’ve recognised that women do not make up a high enough percentage of our workforce and it’s our job to raise awareness of the fact that there are no barriers preventing women from working within the bus industry.

“There’s a range of roles which can cater for specific skills within Stagecoach Manchester and there are always ways to sample different areas of employment within the company, that’s what first drew me to the company back in 2000 and I’ve loved every minute since.”

If you are interested in attending the open day at Ashton-under-Lyne Depot, you can register your interest at Manchester.enquiries@stagecoachbus.com. Or you can turn up on the day. You will need to bring a valid full Driving Licence with you on the day to be able to drive a bus.

Stagecoach Manchester’s drivers’ open day will take place between 1030 and 1400 on the 20 January at their Ashton-under-Lyne depot. The address is Unit 5, Riverside Works, off Clarence Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, SK15 1QP.

An EM60 Presentation, 05 January 2018.

Video courtesy of Tangerine PR Limited, 2018.

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