Preview: East of the M60’s 2017 Advent Calendar

This year’s theme: (The Board) Games People Play

Christmas is coming, which can only mean one thing on our blog: the East of the M60 Advent Calendar. Previous Advent Calendars have focused on lost supermarket chains, C64 musicians, and other quirky things we wanted for Christmas.

For many families, Christmastime traditions include the obligatory game of Monopoly, Cluedo, or Pictionary. Or Trivial Pursuit, or any other board games which seemed great at the time. East of the M60 has reflected this tradition with this year’s Advent Calendar.

For 2017, East of the M60’s Advent Calendar is entitled (The Board) Games People Play. Its title is a nod to the Joe South song used to flog a best-selling women’s magazine in 1990 (Take A Break). It focuses on the less obvious board games. Each window has a brief description of the board game with a look at its premise.

James South: Mancunian Dreamer

In addition to describing each board game, there will be a diary entry from James South, also known as the Mancunian Dreamer. Each entry is set between 1982 and 1983, starting from Christmas Day ’82. These provide the link to each game within the Advent Calendar.

James South is a fourteen-year-old male who lives in the Tameside area. He likes computer games, Kim Wilde, and tries to nick his sister’s copy of Smash Hits. By the end of this decade, he aims to be seen with a guitar or a synthesizer instead of a calculator.

Each weekend is spent in the same way as many peers his age. On Saturdays he watches football with his Dad. Sunday nights are spent listening to the Top 40 on Radio One with his sister. Before doing their homework to the strains of Annie Nightingale’s request show.

Before we start…

Have you cleaned your dining room table? Have you ordered a pizza? Did anyone get the beers in (or the Prosecco)? Our first Advent Calendar window opens tomorrow. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Please note that all the names featured in each entry are fictitious. Any similarities to persons living or dead are purely coincidental.

S.V., 30 November 2017.

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