S.V. Goes East of the Pennines

Genius behind East of the M60 crosses the Pennines

“This is Yorkshire Television, in colour…”

The creator of East of the M60 [Stuart Vallantine] now has another outlet for his writings. Whereas East of the M60 majors in blog posts east of the aforementioned motorway (from Rochdale to Stockport boroughs via Oldham and Tameside), some of its wit and wisdom has crossed the Pennines.

Ladies and gentlemen: from Middlesbrough to Friezland, or Barnoldswick to Spurn Head, there is now more high quality written content by Stuart Vallantine. Yes, yours truly. In addition to the usual tomfoolery on this blog, you can see some of my articles on the Yorkshire Times‘ website.

What is the Yorkshire Times may you ask? It is a community led alternative news source which has 40,000 regular readers and a shedload of Twitter followers. One that has secured interviews with major public figures. Not to be confused with Johnston Press’ paid-for titles (The Yorkshire Post and the Yorkshire Evening Post), it is billed as “your local online newspaper”. Without proprietarial influence.

If you want to read some more of my writings on issues and features from the white rose county, click this link.

S.V., 16 November 2017.

Yorkshire Dales image credit: Public Domain.

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