Tameside and Glossop Bus Service Changes, Winter 2017

It’s oh so quiet… for once

  • Change of operator for 341 service;
  • First, Stagecoach, and High Peak retimings.
Enviro400 MMC SN16 OUC, Stagecoach Manchester, Ashton-under-Lyne Bus Station
The 216 service: unchanged in this season’s retimings.

Between the 29 October 2017 and the 28 January 2018, there will be few service changes in Tameside and Glossop. Of those affected by the Winter 2017 changes, High Peak bore the brunt. Retiming forms the bulk of this season’s round up.

Tameside routes

Stagecoach Manchester have retimed journeys on the 7, 219, 221, and 330 routes. On the 7 route to Stockport via Reddish, all Monday to Friday journeys have been retimed. Peak hour journeys on the 219 route have also been retimed. More of the same applies to the 330, from Monday to Saturday, affecting journeys bound for Manchester Airport. The 221’s three evening journeys will also be retimed.

From the 30 October, there will no longer be a direct bus from Hyde to Marple. The 304 service, which operates on Mondays and Wednesdays covers part of the pre-2009 version of the 389 service. It was part of the 90 route from Stalybridge when North Western Road Car Company was its operator.

Your last chance to board the 304 service is on the 25 October. From Marple, it departs from the Navigation Hotel at 1015 and 1215, arriving in Hyde for 1050 and 1250. Return journeys leave Hyde at 1120 and 1320 (arriving in Marple at 1155 and 1355). There is also a part route journey to Marple from Compstall at 1000 (arriving ten minutes later).

The 304 is one of three Marple routes that will be withdrawn. A similar fate will hit the 303 (Marple – High Lane Circular), and the 305 (Marple – Rose Hill Circular) routes, which operate on Tuesdays and Fridays only. All three routes were created following Rural Bus Funding in 1999. Previous operators have included Checkmate Coaches, Mossley.

Glossop routes

Had it not been for Derbyshire County Council’s consultation and the reversal of cuts on its 144 tendered bus routes, it is more or less ‘business as usual’. On the 237 route, all Stalybridge and Ashton-under-Lyne bound journeys have been retimed. Between Hadfield and Stalybridge, all journeys will depart a minute later than the pre-30 October 2017 timetable.

Hyde’s only bus route with Glossop could have been axed. Instead we see a change of operator. From the 30 October 2017, the 341 will be operated by Stott’s Tours, Oldham. They have previously operated the evening, Sunday and Bank Holiday journey (numbered 202). They will take over the route from High Peak. In a more user-friendly move, the part route journeys to Gamesley (presently the 202) will now become part of the 341 route.

High Peak will retain the 394 route from Stepping Hill to Glossop. The service which links Marple with Glossop has been cut back drastically in recent years to its present two-hourly frequency (no weekend and Bank Holiday service). Off-peak northbound services to Glossop will depart three minutes earlier than their present times. At 22 minutes to the even hour instead of 25 minutes to the even hour (for example: 0938 instead of 0935, then 1138, 1338, 1538, and 1738.

There is one minor change to High Peak’s 61 service, and it entails one of its part route journeys. The Monday to Friday journey from Glossop (departing at 1920) to Hayfield (arriving at 1934) will be withdrawn.

Further afield…

Though not a Tameside or Glossop development, cross-boundary bus travel will be given a boost from the 05 November 2017. Transdev will be launching a new bus service from Manchester to Leeds. Known as Cityzap, its fares could give the Transpennine Express a run for its money. A period return (one month) along the full route is £9.00, which is valid at all times. For under-16s, the period return is £6.00. You can use your pensioners’ permit, standard concessionary pass, and Concessionary Plus passes, subject to the usual time restrictions.

More details are available via the Cityzap website. From Manchester city centre, this is a cheaper option than getting the train (£22.00 on TPE or Northern compared with £9.00 on Cityzap). Before you get carried away, the service only runs outside the AM peak and is once hourly. The train, though expensive, does offer more journey options from Manchester Victoria and Piccadilly stations (Calder Valley or Standedge lines available at your disposal). As they say, you pay your money and you take your choice.

S.V., 19 October 2017.

4 thoughts on “Tameside and Glossop Bus Service Changes, Winter 2017

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  1. Stuart aren’t you forgetting that Stotts had 341 before High Peak got it so in theory their getting it back.

    As for the 304 this hasn’t been the same since they altered the route to stop it operating via Werneth Low and through to High Lane and back to Marple as a circular.


    1. Hi Andrew,

      Well remembered. That was before they took on the defunct evening and Sunday/Bank Holiday journeys. If I remember rightly, didn’t Stagecoach Manchester operate the 341 at one point? I remember this being case twice (after taking over Glossopdale, and the demise of SpeedwellBus).

      I wish I rode on the 304 when it went via Werneth Low. The only time I boarded the said bus was on Christmas Eve 2011. That was a Saturday, and it observed the present route. I travelled from Hyde to Romiley, where my father and I alighted outside The Duke of York pub. Then we walked down to Compstall for the Northumberland Arms.




  2. CityZap will operate through the peaks – just that it will be slightly less frequent to accomodate the additional running time. The comparison with Rail is understandable – at least with TPE. However, unless you live near Rochdale or another line along the Calder Valley, why would anyone choose to spend over an hour (nearly two from Picc) on a Northern 142 or 150? Talking of comfort, this Cityzap will be run with refurbished (and re-regd) B7RLE single-deckers, and surely given the stopping points on Chadderton, Broadway, they are mainly competing with NatEx. Ironically, given Transdev’s tech-savvy reputation, it is Cityzap that offers these excellent fares as *Walk on’s”, whilst NatEx now try to sell everything in advance through a badly thought out website that assumes that people wanting day returns will set off at 2200hrs!!!!


    1. Hi Phil,

      Shortly after writing this post, I found the Cityzap post on their Facebook page. The only timetable I saw before then was the Sunday service. Plus your observations on the peak hour timetable is spot on.

      Interestingly, National Express’ 060 to Leeds departs at around twenty to the hour. Some 25 to 30 minutes after Cityzap’s buses. Apart from the 060, it could also give the 24, 181, and 182 a run for their money. Along the Lindley Road via two stops, potential for transfer onto the 378 to Huddersfield, or the 501 to Halifax (that I shall look at in a future post on Cityzap).

      I had a quick root at National Express’ Leeds fares on their website, and it has fallen behind in the usability stakes. Not least the pushing of advance fares. I am sure that one of the beauties of travelling by National Express was being able to pay the coach driver on some of their journeys. (under the site’s FAQs It still is, and cash only).




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