Moovit Versus The Leaf Fall Season

How Moovit Leaf Watch aims to improve commuting in the leaf fall season

Ah yes, autumn is upon us. It is that time of the year where salad gives way to soup. For many commuters a right pain in the proverbials, thanks to falling leaves. This means slower journeys, timetable revisions, or cancellations. Moovit, in their words, will cover you “better than the withered foliage on the tracks of your commute”.

Boldly defending travellers from the UK’s Autumnal shedding that clogs commutes, Moovit has launched the antidote to commuter woes during the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness with Moovit Leaf Watch (#MoovitLeafWatch), a campaign to advise, educate and entertain travellers as they navigate their way through Autumn’s most loved travel woe using the travel app and the most popular social networks including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Train operators are keen to ensure they’re preparing for the Leaf Armageddon this year. Network Rail has announced a huge leaf clean up. Transport for London has even suggested implementing ‘glue trains’ to spray lines with glue and increase traction. Moovit’s Leaf Watch will keep travellers up to date with the latest news on where leaf fall is worst and which lines are the worst offenders.

With Moovit’s unique crowdsourcing capabilities, the most horticulturally minded users can report their #MoovitLeafWatch findings inside the “Level of Service” section. This can be found on every Line or Station screen of the app. To view leaf activity from other commuters’ #MoovitLeafWatch reports, a glance under “Line News” and “Station News” screens will reveal all.

Through your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts, you can also post photos of their favourite leaf lined tracks, stations submerged under leaf drop. Or railway lines that are repeat offenders, tagging them with the #MoovitLeafWatch hashtag. A nice relief from getting stranded on a Pacer unit in Woodley.

Yovav Meydad, Moovit VP of Product, said, “Moovit is ready to help for leaf drop. And you can do the right thing by your fellow commuters, report the fugitive fauna at #MoovitLeafWatch. Keep your eye on Moovit’s live updates and stay safe during this quintessentially beautiful British botheration. And, if you live in an area with particularly heavy defoliation, compost where you can.”

How to report a leaf fall related incident via Moovit

Moovit leaves app 1
Firstly, our commuter wishes to report a problem with their train. In this example, it is the shortcomings of the Bedford to Bletchley service.
Moovit leaves app 2
According to the app, there is nothing wrong with London Midland’s service.
Moovit leaves app 3
Our commuter thinks otherwise. Via Moovit, the passenger can report any incidents, train cancellations, overcrowding, or cleanliness issues. They can comment on the driver and the temperature at their station. If our passenger is waiting at Flowery Field station, an umbrella is a must on rainy days (the shelters are so small).
Moovit leaves app 4
Finally, our commuter reports the incident via the app, including the hashtag #MoovitLeafWatch.

An EM60 Presentation, 12 October 2017.

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