Boarshurst Silver Band’s exciting new CD

Followers of the Sunday Brass reviews on East of the M60 will be delighted to hear about this new release by Boarshurst Silver Band. It gives us great pleasure to announce the release of their new CD, entitled Images.

Images is a wonderful reflection of Boarshurst Silver Band’s playing abilities and how they have come up in leaps and bounds since James Garlick became their Musical Director. It has a joyous mix of traditional brass band marches, solo pieces, hymns, and popular music.

One of the pieces is a specially commissioned one, entitled Janet’s Song. This is a tribute to the late Janet Payne, who has also helped Boarshurst Silver Band to reach the First Section. She, as the inlay notes quite rightly state, was “Ms. Boarshurst”. The life and soul of the party, as well as the band’s pillar of strength. One which saw her nurture young talent, who have joined higher section bands or continued their studies towards postgraduate level.

Each piece has been carefully chosen to relax, move, and invigorate the listener as much as possible, starting with The Waltonian and finishing with the excellent Caravan. The CD is priced £10.00 and is available for sale via Boarshurst Silver Band’s Facebook page, or at the Boarshurst Band Club on concert nights and matinee performances.

If you are stuck for a suitable birthday or Christmas present, or know somebody who loves brass band music, add this release to your list.

Track Listing:

  1. The Waltonian (Joseph John Richards);
  2. Live and Let Die (Paul McCartney);
  3. The Irish Blessing (Stephen Bradnum);
  4. Facilita (John Hartmann);
  5. Janet’s Song (In Memory of Janet Payne) (Jonathan Bates);
  6. I’ll Walk With God (Nicholas Brodzsky);
  7. Demelza (Hugh Nash);
  8. Strike Up The Band (George Gershwin);
  9. Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan);
  10. Sing Sing Sing (Louis Prima);
  11. Grandfather’s Clock (Henry Clay Work);
  12. Lady Stewart’s Air (Peter Graham);
  13. Bass in the Ballroom (Roy Newsome);
  14. Caravan (Duke Ellington).


  • Track 2: William Reynolds (Soprano Cornet);
  • Track 4: Neil Booth (Bb Cornet);
  • Track 7: Vicky Ashley (Horn);
  • Track 9: Paula Ashworth (Horn);
  • Track 11: Richard Wooding (Euphonium);
  • Track 13: Liam Welsh (Eb Bass).

Technical Credits:

  • Compiled by Keith Welsh;
  • Graphic Design: Keith Welsh;
  • Cover Image: Phil Melia Photography;
  • Sleeve Notes: Stuart Vallantine.

Produced and published by KMJ Recordings Ltd, 2017.

Boarshurst Images Advert

S.V., 05 September 2017.

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