Music from the Big Stage: Boarshurst Silver Band’s Broadway Spectacular

Showstopping performance made for a memorable night

The 02 July finished with a most memorable concert from Boarshurst Silver Band. Repeating the success of last year’s Hollywood themed summer concert, it was another multimedia experience. Coupled with a virtuoso performance from the band, the visuals worked to great effect. There was also three stunning songs, from the voice of Georgina Hulme. Oh, and this fellow, your reviewer, was the Master of Ceremonies. Fresh from the Brighouse Hymn and March Contest.

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Summertime (and the Evening Fares are Cheaper)

Stagecoach Manchester’s summertime evening fare offer

Stagecoach Manchester Enviro400, electric hybrid MX12 EOB, Piccadilly Gardens

If you’re a sporadic bus user, chances are you seldom buy a season ticket for one or more operator. When you do catch a bus for the one journey, you quibble about the expense of the fare and think “stuff this, back to the car”. Or you get a cab for these occasional journeys instead and split the fare with a friend or relative.
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