Brass Band Music Appreciation for Beginners #1: Types of Music

Recommended hymns, marches, overtures, and the like for new listeners

Realised the joys of listening to brass band music? Yet to see your first brass band concert? This piece includes a selection of essential brass band pieces for the absolute beginner.

For almost two years, the creator of East of the M60 has reviewed the brass band concerts at the Boarshurst Band Club. It is a fantastic, intimate venue for brass band concerts, and a good environment for absolute beginners as well as hardcore enthusiasts. A wealth of local and not-so-local brass bands have made their journey to the Greenfield venue on most Sundays. Continue reading “Brass Band Music Appreciation for Beginners #1: Types of Music”

We Need to Talk About Bi-Mode Trains

What are Bi-Mode Trains, and why are they being hailed as a cheaper alternative to fully electrified systems?

At this moment in time, Network Rail are in the midst of realigning The Old Lanky line from Stalybridge to Miles Platting. On completion, it is hoped that overhead line equipment would follow shortly. By 2018, it is claimed that the new timetable will see Ashton trains terminating at Stalybridge. Plus, the possibility of Mossley and Greenfield passengers having to use Manchester Piccadilly and a skip-stop service. Therefore, passengers from the two stations wanting a direct Ashton link would have to get the bus! Continue reading “We Need to Talk About Bi-Mode Trains”

On Reflection: The Joy of 3-2-1

A look at the bafflingly popular Yorkshire Television quiz show which ran for ten years

Before the 29 July 1978, Saturdays in front of the television meant World of Sport or Grandstand. Then a peek at the latest imported programme at teatime (something like The Man From Atlantis). Encroaching into the prime time slot, there was one inalienable truth for many viewers: the BBC had the best variety and light entertainment programmes. Continue reading “On Reflection: The Joy of 3-2-1”

Oldham and Saddleworth Bus Service Changes, Summer 2017

Summer bussing, slightest of changes 

First Greater Manchester Alexander Dennis ALX400, YJ51 RCX, Ashton-under-Lyne bus station
Not in the Summer Timetable: the 409 service, loading at Ashton-under-Lyne bus station.

For once, a quiet set of service changes affecting Oldham and Saddleworth bus passengers. This time, just a few tweaks to the summer timetables. Some more First Greater Manchester routes will be seeing a few tweaks, including the 58 and 81A.
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Tameside and Glossop Bus Service Changes, Summer 2017

Summertime timetables and a subtle service review

Enviro400 MMC SN16 OUC, Stagecoach Manchester, Ashton-under-Lyne Bus Station
The normal bus of choice on the 216 route, outside Ashton bus station.

For the first time in a good while, we have little to say about this summer’s set of service changes. All but one set of service changes entail the Summer timetables.
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Slaithwaite Band: Sunday Brass at the Boarshurst Band Club (July 2017)

A sweet sixteen pieces from Slawit on a sunny Sunday

Slaithwaite, Slawit or Slathwaite: if you’re familiar at all with the Colne Valley villages, you would know that the first spelling is correct, though the place is not pronounced as seen. It is pronounced in the same way as the third spelling (which is incorrect in English, though probably correct in Pitman’s Initial Teaching Alphabet). The second is another spelling. Before we begin, we’re not here to discuss the spellings and pronunciations of Slaithwaite. Instead, we shall concentrate on the band’s splendid concert, which took place at the Boarshurst Band Club on the 16 July 2017.
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Glossop Old Band (Summer 2017): Summer Brass at Boarshurst Band Club

How The Marcus and Duncan Show made for a smashing concert

As with the previous gigs at The World Famous Boarshurst Band Club, Glossop Old Band gave us another great performance. Putting it briefly, it was a tight performance, suitable for brass banding aficionados and anyone new to the joys of brass band concerts.

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Northern Rail Strike Ashton to Huddersfield section

Northern Rail Strike: Timetable Details for Tameside Commuters

Arriva Rail North strike updates

From tomorrow [Saturday 08 July], Northern rail guards will begin their three-day strike. As a consequence, there will be fewer Northern services than normal. Of the services that will be running over the weekend, trains and bus replacement services will begin running at 7am and cease around 7pm.

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Ale Trail Abolition Boost for Colne Valley Residents: East of the A627

Colne Valley residents able to take back control of local pubs this coming weekend

From Saturday 08 July, residents in the Colne Valley villages will be able to enjoy a quiet pint their local pubs. The Rail Ale Trail will be no more. Throughout the weekend, no trains will be stopping at intermediate stations between Stalybridge and Huddersfield. Continue reading “Ale Trail Abolition Boost for Colne Valley Residents: East of the A627”

Music from the Big Stage: Boarshurst Silver Band’s Broadway Spectacular

Showstopping performance made for a memorable night

The 02 July finished with a most memorable concert from Boarshurst Silver Band. Repeating the success of last year’s Hollywood themed summer concert, it was another multimedia experience. Coupled with a virtuoso performance from the band, the visuals worked to great effect. There was also three stunning songs, from the voice of Georgina Hulme. Oh, and this fellow, your reviewer, was the Master of Ceremonies. Fresh from the Brighouse Hymn and March Contest.

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