Strong and stable journey planning app aims to get the many, and the few, towards their nearest polling station

With the General Election just over a week away, Moovit are playing their part in boosting turnout. Thanks to a partnership with Democracy Club, Moovit is helping to do just that on the 08 June, by adding polling station locations to its app.

Moovit aims to raise awareness of #GE2017. Whether users prefer Theresa May’s or Jeremy Corbyn’s version of Brexit, or something different (Tim Farron’s non-Brexit substitute for example), it has mapped 50% of all UK polling stations.

If you have a copy of Moovit on your device, all you need to do is click on the ‘More’ button on your app under ‘Election 2017’. Then you will be guided to your local council for further information, thanks to a little help from The Electoral Commission.

You will receive alerts as the big day approaches, to encourage everyone eligible to take part uses their vote. On the 08 June, no matter where a user is, he or she will be able to quickly find the best route to their polling station. For example: local buses and trains; bike sharing or Uber based options, so that he or she can get there in good time.

With Moovit, when users need to go to their polling station, they can check the location via the “Election 2017” link. This will direct them to their local polling point or (if unavailable to the Electoral Commission’s postcode search service), details of their local authority, which has details of their polling station. With Moovit’s Directions tab (which typically gives users one-tap directions to their favourite locations), voters can find the most convenient route to their polling station.

“Moovit takes civic and environmental responsibility seriously and we encourage everyone of voting age to get out there and use it, through our partnership with Democracy Club and The Electoral Commission,” said Steve Swasey, Moovit’s Global VP of Communications.

“By reminding citizens to vote and enabling them to quickly arrive at polling stations, Moovit is empowering users to participate in this year’s general election.”

In the 2015 General Election, the turnout was 66% – the highest in recent times, but nothing on the 83.9% record of the 1950 election. Engagement among 18 – 24 year olds has fallen to 43% (again in 2015), compared with 63% in 1992. Moovit wants to help mobilise everyone to vote by encouraging interest in #GE2017, which promises to be a landmark election. Even more so given how opinion polls have favoured Labour for people under 40 years of age. There has been record numbers of people aged 18 to 30 years registering to vote.

“We’re really pleased to support Moovit’s work to provide important election information to their users,” said Emma Hartley, Head of Campaigns at the Electoral Commission. “One essential destination that citizens should not miss this year is the voting booth — and with polling station information now built into the Moovit app, we hope that they won’t.”

“It’s 2017 — people expect to be able to find this information online,” said Joe Mitchell at Democracy Club, “so we’ve worked with hundreds of local authorities to bring the data into one place — and we’re delighted that Moovit can make such good use of it.”

The smartphone generation, whether red, yellow, or blue, could be pivotal to next week’s election results.

The Moovit app is available to download free of charge, for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices.

An EM60 Presentation, 30 May 2017.

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