The Joy of the Micro Pub: Top Beer

A look at the rising popularity of the micro pub

In George Orwell’s ideal pub, the Moon Under the Water, the author favoured a Victorian ambience. No pretence. Even the stale tobacco smoke, a sight that few people born after 1990 are able to remember in public houses. Lager had yet to make its presence known properly fifteen years after his article was published in the London Evening Standard.

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Moovit’s Election Pledge: To Get You To The Polling Station in Good Time

Strong and stable journey planning app aims to get the many, and the few, towards their nearest polling station

With the General Election just over a week away, Moovit are playing their part in boosting turnout. Thanks to a partnership with Democracy Club, Moovit is helping to do just that on the 08 June, by adding polling station locations to its app.

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Belle Vue Band: Sunday Brass at the Boarshurst Band Club (28 May 2017)

A good programme, plus a tribute to the people we lost at the Manchester Arena

Yesterday [28 May], Belle Vue Brass Band gave us a good concert at the Boarshurst Band Club. A little shorter than the previous year’s engagement, it was also marked with a dedication to the 22 people who lost their lives at the Manchester Arena after last Monday’s Ariana Grande concert. This included a minute’s silence, which followed Amanda Greaves’ recital of Tony Walsh’s poem This Is The Place.
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Manchester Victoria Station to Reopen

Station reopens on 30 May after terrorist attack

East of the M60 Loves Manchester

In the last week, you will have heard about the appalling terrorist attack at Manchester Arena, after Ariana Grande’s concert. As well the loss of 22 lives and severe injuries to 59 concertgoers, this led to the temporary closure of Manchester Victoria station. Tram and train services were affected. At face value, this could have stopped the city going about her day-to-day activities. Continue reading “Manchester Victoria Station to Reopen”

The Three Ages of Greater Manchester’s Bus Stations

A look at the evolution of Greater Manchester’s bus stations from 1969 onwards

In the last fifty years, Greater Manchester’s bus stations have changed dramatically. More recent trends favour single terminals and improved connections with other modes of transport. In smaller towns, they form part of a focal piazza, as seen at Radcliffe’s bus station.

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Elland Silver Band: Sunday Brass at the Boarshurst Band Club (21 May 2017)

Another thrilling programme of high-octane brass banding

Forget John Terry’s substitution and the farcical Guard of Honour. Once more, The Highlight of the Weekend was closer to Stalybridge than Stamford Bridge. This was marked by Elland Silver Band’s second gig over the last year at The World Famous Boarshurst Band Club®. With fifteen great pieces, including three memorable solo performances, it was another night to remember.
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Eatymology: A Tea Potted History of the Superstore Café

Feast of the M60 looks at how the superstore café has evolved in the last fifty years

Please forgive me for taking a well trodden part for this introduction. In my formative years, the supermarket café seemed fairly exotic. Supermarkets, when I was young, were small, in town centre locations, and a bit chaotic. The edge of town supermarket with its vast car parking seemed otherworldly. Back then, the Fine Fare hypermarket in Hyde, Ashton’s original ASDA, and the Shopping Giant stores in Droylsden and Denton were notable exceptions. Continue reading “Eatymology: A Tea Potted History of the Superstore Café”

Tameside: Stand By for Whitsuntide 2017

East of the M60’s preview to this year’s Whit Friday Brass Band Contests in the Tameside area

Hard to believe we are three weeks away from either getting Strong and Stable Government®, or government for many and not the few.

Right, never mind that, it is also three weeks away to The World’s Greatest Free Show on Earth. Ladies and gentlemen, we at East of the M60 mean… Whit Friday. Hence our preview of the contests taking place in the Tameside area. Continue reading “Tameside: Stand By for Whitsuntide 2017”

Littleborough Band: Sunday Brass at the Boarshurst Band Club, May 2017

Ady and Co.’s easy going concert with a number of favourites

Littleborough Band’s first 2017 visit to Boarshurst Band Club was met with a good turnout, in spite of the soggy conditions. With an easy going yet pleasing programme, it was a case of ‘easy like Sunday evening’. We revisited some old favourites and we had – not one, but two – duets, and a trio.
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