It’s Up the Poll! 2017: GM Mayoral Candidates on Transport Policy

Where¬†Greater Manchester’s mayoral candidates stand on the city region’s transport issues

Dennis Dart SLF, WA56 OAY, First Greater Manchester, Ashton-under-Lyne Bus Station,
Whether Burnham, Anstee, Brophy, or Odze are elected, the victorious Mayor of Greater Manchester will be able to apply a London-style franchise model to the city region’s bus routes.

Transport is an emotive issue in Greater Manchester. From the opening of the Liverpool to Manchester Railway, to the Metrolink’s Second City Crossing, it is intertwined in the city’s fabric. For some, it is the story of failed hopes; ping pong between local and central government; and mothballed road projects. There’s more than enough to fill a separate blog post on the aforementioned subject. With the Mayoral Election a week away, we get to decide who’s going to lay their hands on the train set (among other things).
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