Second City Crossing Opens On 26 February

End of month sees arrival of important link between St. Peter’s Square and Victoria

Shortly after the February half term holidays, a short yet important of the Metrolink system will open. The Second City Crossing (or 2CC for short) will offer a fast link from St. Peter’s Square to Victoria railway station with only one intermediate stop. At present, the only section of the 2CC that is open is the spur from Victoria to Exchange Square.

From Sunday 26 February, the new line will take passengers to St. Peter’s Square via Cross Street, Albert Square, and Princess Street. At St. Peter’s Square, the recently remodelled stop will see its four platforms in use. Likewise at the Victoria stop.

As a consequence, East Didsbury trams, presently terminating at Deansgate-Castlefield, will be extended to Shaw and Crompton. There will be ten trams per hour along the Second City Crossing with five per hour continuing to Rochdale Interchange.

Soon to benefit from 2CC will be the Manchester Airport service. At present, Ringway-bound trams terminate at Cornbrook. From the end of this month, they will terminate at Deansgate-Castlefield. By the end of this year, its terminus will be Victoria.

The Second City Crossing is the final part of Transport for Greater Manchester’s £1.5 billion Big Bang package. Next on the agenda for Greater Manchester’s light rail system will be the Trafford Centre line, due for completion in 2018.

S.V., 15 February 2017.


3 thoughts on “Second City Crossing Opens On 26 February

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  1. Without wishing to sound overly critical because the new line *is* very welcome, it’s still quite a schlep between Exchange and St Peter’s squares, especially for those of us who are disabled. From the moment plans were revealed I thought that, even taking the major objective of the line into account, it was an awful lot of work for just one additional stop.


    1. I think the main objective of the 2nd crossing was to increase line capacity and to also cut the journey time between St Peters Square and Victoria, I believe an intermediate stop had been planned but the Royal Exchange Theatre objected.


  2. Whilst the second city crossing is to be welcomed I believe the original proposals branching off at the former GMEX via a stop at Albert Square would’ve made more sense to service this part of town. In addition why not now aslo rename the GMEX stop – Central?


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